X-ray technology is commonly known to be widely used in the medical field. Much like penetrating your body, an x-ray is capable of penetrating a variety of other materials as well. That unique ability proves x-ray systems to be useful in a myriad of different industrial applications. X-ray is used for industrial inspection of materials and equipment. Industrial x-ray systems could be used to inspect automotive parts, mechanical assemblies, complex geometric objects, building interiors, and exteriors.

Not only outside dimensions but inside dimensions could be confirmed through x-ray scanning. Missing or improperly assembled parts can be found without disassembly. Industrial x-ray systems could be used to troubleshoot and search for hidden imperfections, confirm dimensions, search for broken components and locate them. It is highly effective and accurate especially when digital technology is applied along with x-ray.


X-ray systems

There is a wide variety of industrial x-ray systems used in imaging. The system used in a particular scenario would highly depend on the type and quality of data needed. X-ray systems are used to collect data and create a virtual model without destroying the integrity of an object.

Both horizontal and vertical x-ray systems are utilized for industrial scanning. They vary in size, mobility, purpose, and final report format. The resolution also varies to a high degree and depends on the material, size, and shape of the object being scanned. Depending on the system used, a virtual 3-D image of an object can be created including parts unseen to the naked eye.

One of the primary advantages of using x-ray imaging is that it is non-destructive. There is no need for disassembly of a product like PCB, for example. The entire object can be scanned with a digital x-ray system at once yielding highly accurate and fast results. Another advantage of using x-ray technology is fast turnaround time. Without the need for disassembly and manual search for needed data,  large quantities could be scanned at once.


X-ray process setup

Depending on the object being scanned and its mobility, a different x-ray system may be utilized. Some manufacturers have a digital X-ray scanner on site. In that scenario, it may be integrated directly into the assembly line. Using x-ray scanning to weed out faulty products at the stage of manufacturing is the most effective way.  There are so many ways to use digital x-ray in the industrial setting.

Unfortunately, not all manufacturers have the capability to accommodate and maintain these machines on site. Then a digital x-ray service could be used. Some companies offer digital scanning on-site and they will deliver the necessary equipment where you need it. Others only do it at their own warehouse and will require mailing the objects to them or utilizing a delivery service.

Often even unpacking is not required as an x-ray can penetrate most shipping materials. In case basic x-ray technology is not able to render the desired result, there are other systems like industrial CT scanners that are more versatile.  To learn more about industrial x-ray imaging services go to  https://www.3d-engineering.net/industrial-x-ray-inspection-services/