Cycling sunglasses have become a huge thing. If you are a cycling enthusiast, chances are that they mean the most to you. There are plenty of different cycling sunglasses for everyone. However, if you require prescription sunglasses for cycling, you need to know what to look for. This guide shares all the important tips that will help you find the best prescription cycling sunglasses in no time.


What Should You Look for in Prescription Sunglasses?

With a huge volume of styles, shapes, designs, and features available, you are bound to feel overwhelmed when in market for prescription sunglasses. Let’s take a look at everything you need to consider in prescription sunglasses.

Frame Technology

The first thing that you need to do is consider the frame technology. A sturdy and lightweight frame is the preferred choice. It separates the good from the bad. Remember, when picking out a new pair of cycling sunglasses, you have to make sure that the ones you pick out are designed for sports performance. Get ones that are made of nylon as it is a durable material which is light at the same time. Hence, it will not bog you down as you cycle.


The secret to picking out the best sunglasses is looking for sunglasses that are a good fit. The cycling glasses have to fit on your face and fit inside the helmet. Look for frames that have straight-back temples as they fit inside the helmet perfectly. Moreover, straight-back temples also let you seamlessly remove the frames and replace them as required. However, it is important that the glasses are not too tight as it would cause discomfort. At the same time, the glasses should not be too loose as they would slip off. Go for something that fits nicely and stays in place as you go for a long ride.


Good prescription sunglasses will always have nose and temple grips for ensuring a secure fit as you ride. The grips are usually made of rubber which helps increase the grip when you start to break a sweat. They should maintain a precise optical alignment. This is even more important in prescription glasses.


The ideal prescription cycling sunglasses are those that feature a wraparound frame design. With more wrap, you get to benefit from extended peripherals and more coverage. The coverage would prove useful as you continue to wear the glasses. It would ensure protection at all times. In addition to this, wrap around cycling glasses also offer the perfect wind and debris protection. You should only look for wrap around cycling prescription sunglasses that have frames like the Rudy Project Exception as they can accommodate high-prescription needs.


One of the biggest mistakes that people tend to make is getting heavy shades. You have to think like a professional. This is why you should look for glasses that are not too heavy as to hold you back. Besides, a lighter frame would be less apparent. The right prescription cycling sunglasses are ones that do not hold you down.

Lens Technology

When selecting the lens for your vision, there are a few features that tend to work better, especially when customizing your glasses. To help you learn more about your options, we have broken them down for you as below.

  1. Lens Material

The first thing that has to be considered is the lens material. When cycling, you should never wear glass lenses. There are various reasons why wearing glass lenses are not a good idea. For starters, they are much heavier and you need to be looking for lightweight glasses. Besides, it is even more important when wearing a prescription. In addition to this, if you fall or any debris hits the glasses, the lens would shatter and you risk damaging your eyes. Instead of glasses lenses, you should opt for Trivex or polycarbonate lenses as the materials are much lighter and shatterproof.

  1. Contrast Enhancement

Next, you need to take contrast enhancement into account. Choosing between dark and light lenses is not an easy task. However, when going cycling, light lens is always better. The reason why it is better is because of safety issues which would come up if the cycling sunglasses are too dark. When you ride a cycle, you are bound to be surrounded by grey. Thus, the dark grey lenses would lead to you missing those obstacles which could result in you tripping over and injuring yourself. It is best that you opt for a lighter lens that offers 100 percent UV protection.

  1. Transitions Lenses

A great thing about transitions lenses is that they automatically adjust as the light changes throughout your ride. They are mostly available in brown and grey. Prescription cycling sunglasses that have a brown-bases photo chromic lens are the way to go as they will change the color of the lens as you continue cycling throughout the day. Grey transitions are also excellent as they change tint. Even though you would get less contrast, they are not dangerous. You can also go with interchangeable lenses as a potential alternative.

  1. Polarized Vs. Non-Polarized

Polarized lenses are capable of cutting out glare. This makes them excellent when cycling in bright conditions where the reflected glare would put strain on your eyes. They are also recommended for driving and water activities. However, it all comes down to personal preferences. If you do not have issues with glare, you can go for a non-polarized lens.


Quality Cycling Sunglasses

Finally, when looking for prescription cycling sunglasses, you should make sure that the ones you get are of high quality. Never compromise on quality for just a few dollars as you would regret it in the long run. However, you should check out these cheap prescription glasses online as they offer affordability and quality.



Once you have gone over this post, you will have no trouble choosing the right prescription cycling sunglasses. Make sure to consider each factor mentioned above.