Your Ultimate Guide to House painting (10 tips)

house painting

House painting is one of the tasks which might seem challenging but is fun at the same time. It is a good idea to regularly paint your home with different colors so that each room in your house reflects a certain mood which one would like to portray such as the green color for the work area. As most of us also work from our homes, it is a good idea to paint the work area at home green or either blue. Each color represents a mood and triggers different chemicals in our brain as has been found according to research.

House painting is something which has to plan before pursuing and that is why someone who does not have any guide with painting their homes needs to understand how the entire process of painting goes about so that they can have fun while painting and also get the job done at the same time.

This is the ultimate guide to house painting. Everything involving house painting has been covered so that house painting can be done easily by you. There is no rocket science to house painting but rather proper planning and get your hands wet and busy. Here are the top 10 tips to help you out with house painting. Anyone who is just starting out with house painting or needs better practice should follow these 10 tips. In case you wonder “can i sell my house with a tax lien ?”, these 10 tips may help you as well.


Tip # 1: Wait for the Weather to Be Dry

The most important tip which will come in handy to house painters out there is waiting for the weather to be dry. Avoid painting on a rainy day as humidity means that the paint will drip and dry slowly. However, if you have to paint even if it is humid then you should take your time. Take advantage of the slow-drying process to further correct any errors in the painting done before moving onto the next coat as it will help you get an excellent job done. Make sure to avoid overwork as it will show once the work has been finished and make the process much harder.


Tip # 2: Always do a Thorough Visual Inspection & Prepare

Something which is important for just about every type of work is through visual inspection as well as preparation. Everyone has heard the famous saying that failing to plan is planning to fail and that is true for house painting as well. Do a thorough visual inspection of any cracked, peeling or flaking areas so that these areas can be lightly scraped or sanded and then rinsed thoroughly before one applies the new primer and paint. The weight of the new coat would only pull the old paint loose which will double the job for you.

This would only end up wasting your precious time and money. One has to tackle this issue first if they want to get the job done efficiently and effectively. It is also advisable to wash the greasy spots with water and soap or else give the walls a nice and quick wipe-down using a damp cloth in order to allow the paint to have a dust-free and clean surface to stick on.


Tip # 3: Always Buy High Quality Roller Covers, Painter’s Tape & Brushes

Some things which one cannot compromise on are high quality roller covers, painter’s tape and brushes. It is something that one has to splurge on if they want to have great paint and are already splurging on great paint. There is no point of saving on this as it would also lead to increased costs in the long run.

The best thing about high quality roller covers and brushes is that they allow for excellent coverage which helps save time and require less reapplication, and the high-end painter’s tape helps with sealing out the drips and blurs which is the real deal when it comes to house painting.


Tip # 4: Know the Nap

One thing which is important for house painters to know is that the more textures the walls have, the more important is for the nap to be thicker so that the roller cover can easily reach into the crevices and allow for complete coverage. However, if one goes too thick then it creates texture in places you do not want too much texture so one needs to tell their residential house painters about all the details when they are painting. One needs to selects residential house painters who are experienced with knowing the nap and understand that intricacies when it comes to house painting and that is why Image Line Painting is the answer to the perfect house painting work.


Tip # 5: Protect everything that you don’t Want Getting Painted

A mistake which just about everyone makes is not protecting the things which do not need to get painted and this leads to the items becoming smudged with paint. This is why you need to protect everything that you don’t want getting painted or else you will regret not covering floors, furniture and even hardware.

A great idea is to drop damp cloth on to door knobs and even other items so that they are all protected from paint. It is a common mistake so make sure to protect all the things from getting painted on.


Tip # 6: Remove All the Light Switches & Outlet Covers

Another important tip which one needs to keep in mind when having the house painted is by removing the light switch and outlet covers so that no paint can be caught onto them. Don’t be impatient and make the mistake of skipping this step or else you will only regret it once the house painting has been completed. It does not take much time and 5 minutes should be plenty to get the job done. Removing the light switches and outlet covers will help save unnecessary costs from occurring and your home will look good in no time.


Tip # 7: Let the Roller Do Its Work

A great tip which everyone who is getting the house painted needs to keep in mind is letting the roller do its work. The premium paints of today easily flow which is why you need to chose an excellent roller cover so that the job is done quickly and efficiently in the least amount of time. The rollers have been designed to ensure maximum coverage is done and do not require much pressure. If you put too much pressure into the job, it would only lead to extra efforts.

Do not forget to use an extension pole as it truly reaches the maximum amount of area with the least amount of effort. Another great thing about the roller is that it does not strain your back. It is very easy to use the rollers as they have been designed to allow painters to do their work with ease and beautify the walls of your home with the right amount of paint.


Tip # 8: Paint from the Top All the Way to the Bottom

The best technique to paint the walls of your home with ease is by painting from the top all the way to the bottom. Once the edges at the ceiling have been cut in and baseboard with just a brush, one can use the roller to apply the paint starting from the top of the ceiling and motion downwards to do an effective job.

Amateurs will easily have spatters and telltale drips by the time they finish painting and that is way one needs to use the services of professional house painters who know how to get the job done. They know that once an area starts to dry, it is better to leave the area alone instead of continuously filling it up with paint. If one goes back over the process, it would only lead to color streaks and marks on the paint’s surface. Never compromise when it comes to getting your house painted and choose the best house painters as they have experience painting just about every type of home no matter its size.


Tip # 9: Mix Several Cans of Paint in a Huge Bucket to Allow Consistent Color

One of the worst fears which a person may have when it comes to house painting is that the paint color might vary slightly from the one next to it and it important to ensure that the color throughout the room is consistent. Do not make the mistake of opening a new can in the middle of the wall as it would only the difference much more noticeable from the other area in the room.

In order to avoid this from happening, one needs to mix all of the paints together. It is the single best solution to prevent the color from being different. One needs to estimate the right amount of paint by mixing paint in a 5 gallon bucket which is also known as boxing. It will provide enough consistent color to cover the entire room.

However, if it is difficult to estimate the coverage required, one needs to add more paint rather than less especially when doing the painting on their own. One can always pour the leftovers back easily in the can. If one is doing a large job then they need to use a bucket along with a roller screen instead of making the mistake of using a roller tray. It allows for the process to be much faster and allow one to easily load the roller with the screen. All one has to do is dunk the roller into paint bucket, after which just roll it along the screen continuously until there is no dripping.


Tip # 10: Have the Trim Painted First Before Moving onto the Ceiling & Walls

One of the best tips which one needs to keep in mind when house painting is following a specific order for their room. The first thing which needs to be painted is the trim, next the ceiling and then the walls. This order has been proven to be successful by professional painters and should be the order you follow for your home. It is much easier as well as faster to tape off the trim than having to tape off the walls. It is not possible to tape them both.

One does not need to be neat when painting the trim and should just concentrate on ensuring that a smooth finish is painted on the wood. If the paint gets onto the walls when you are painting the trim, don’t worry as you can cover it up later when you move onto painting the walls. Give the trim at least about 24 hours to dry after it has been completely painted and then tape it off with an easy release painter’s tape. After this one can move onto painting the ceiling and then finally the walls.


Choose the Best Painters in Calgary

Sometimes it is difficult to get the time to paint our homes as our lives are busy and painting our house on our own may seem too troublesome. This is why it is a good idea to choose the best painters in Calgary to get the job done. It is good to know about the house painting process and all the tips so that you can cover up all the things you don’t need getting paint on before the professionals arrive but make sure to get the best services in the city.

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