10-Capital Review

Gone are those times when you had to venture out to look for a recommended cryptocurrency broker, which involved visiting multiple offices, speaking to them and then weighing your options. These days, becoming a trader is easier than ever because you can do it from the comfort of your home or office. As far as the process of finding a reliable and good broker is concerned, this can also be done the same way, thanks to the internet. The best part about this change is that you no longer have to conduct interviews with different brokers; you just need to check out what an online broker is offering, if it has what you need and simply sign up with them.

The only issue with selection is that there are too many options, which is bound to be confusing. Some brokers may have an excellent asset index, but don’t have the versatile trading platforms you are looking for. If brokers have an innovative trading platform, their charges or commission is too high. Do you have to compromise? With 10-Capital, you no longer need to consider this option because it has become an all-in-one broker that seems to offer you the best of everything.

As compared to some old-timers, 10-Capital is regarded as new, but during this short span of time, it has evolved into a force to be reckoned with, enough that it warrants a closer look when you are going over your options.



Like every other broker that you will come across, 10-Capital also provides its clients the opportunity of trading financial instruments through their platform. Therefore, it has ensured that people can find a plethora of instruments they can buy and sell, which include commodities, indices, stocks, foreign currency and cryptocurrency. But, before we consider the assets in these categories, you should know that that 10-Capital allows you to trade CFDs of these instruments. This is Contract for Difference trading in which the actual asset is not bought or sold; you are buying or selling a contract for the asset at a specific price.

The entire concept is to make profits based on the movement of the price, provided it is in your favor. There are plenty of assets to choose from, the trading platform is user-friendly and creative, security is also commendable and training and education are also offered.


 Available Trading Instruments

The first reason why 10-Capital is considered an ideal fit for both new and skilled traders is due to the trading instruments it has on offer. New traders are just taking their first steps so they prefer sticking to one or two assets, but may want to expand later on when they get a hang of the market. At this point, switching brokers can be a hassle for them. 10-Capital ensures that they don’t have to look for other solutions as they can find the asset of their choice with the broker.

In the case of skilled traders, they prefer buying and selling multiple assets and instruments simultaneously and 10-Capital empowers them to do that with the least amount of hassle. Hence, portfolio diversification is made immensely easy by the broker. The available trading instruments are:

  • Indices: The broker gives you the opportunity to trade indices from different financial markets around the globe. ASX200, NASDAQ, Dubai and FTSE and just a few of the many popular indices 10-Capital has available.
  • Stocks: You can also put your money into stocks and here again, 10-Capital has ensured that you have plenty of variety. You can trade stock CFDs of some of the most recognized companies, such as Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft. Stocks of companies in other industries are also available.
  • Commodities: These are also quite valuable because they are a secure instrument so 10-Capital gives you the opportunity to invest in commodities like natural gas and oil, precious metals like copper, gold, silver and platinum as well as perishable options like wheat, cocoa, corn and coffee.
  • Forex: Indeed, 10-Capital enables you to trade foreign currency pairs, including exotic and rare ones, which are highly volatile. Some popular currencies that you can trade include USD, EUR, GBP, AUD and CAD, amongst others.
  • Cryptocurrency: Last, but not the least, the newest asset that has grabbed the attention of traders is cryptocurrency after it reversed the fortunes of many when Bitcoin hit its peak. 10-Capital enables you to trade not just Bitcoin, but other top crypto like Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.


Account Types

How do you avail the services of a broker? You open an account with them and this will provide you with access to the tools, services and features they have added to their platform. However, one thing to bear in mind is that the tools and other features available to you depend on the account type you choose. There are different prerequisites for every account and the features they offer also vary. Let’s explore the account types at 10-Capital:

  • Basic: The first account type introduced by the broker is this one that carries a deposit requirement of 500 EUR. The purpose is to make it feasible for new brokers to sign up and begin their trading journey. The basic account comes with basic and charts that can be useful in highlighting market trends and ups and downs. There are trading alerts and signals and a loyalty bonus as well.
  • Silver: This is a step up and deposit requirement for it is 10,000 EUR as it also provides advanced charts for better market understanding. There is a Saving account as well and loyalty bonus and insurance are increased to 20 percent.
  • Gold: This is for more serious traders due to which its deposit requirement is 100,000. There are junior and senior account managers available and money management services are also available for traders’ ease and convenience.
  • Platinum: The deposit requirement for this account type hits 250,000 EUR and it opens up full access to the education center, increased loyalty bonuses, WhatsApp support and a ton of features offered in other account options.
  • Diamond: Skilled traders select this account type because it has a minimum deposit requirement of 500,000 so not every trader can afford it. You get exclusive updates, access to webinars and are also invited to VIP events conducted by the broker.
  • Millioner: 10-Capital came up with this account type for professional and VIP traders who have had years of experience and can cough up the 1,000,000 EUR to sign up for it. Everything is unlimited in this account, whether it is trading alerts and signals, group of analyst or customer support.


Trading Platform

The assets and account types are undoubtedly important, but this doesn’t mean that you can ignore the importance of the trading platform that a broker offers. When you are trading, you obviously want to have a smooth and seamless experience. Yet, traders have had to deal with lags, crashing software and numerous other issues that often cost them huge profits. Moreover, some platforms were so complicated that it took traders months to learn how to make their way around them.

With 10-Capital, you don’t have to deal with such issues because the broker has created an innovative platform and have integrated it with all the latest technologies and tools a trader may need. It comprises of indicators, economic calendars, charts and graphs and various other tools that are mandatory for efficient trading. The trading conditions are excellent and the platform is also user-friendly, which saves a lot of valuable time as you don’t have to learn how to navigate it.

You can download the trading platform if you want or else 10-Capital has given you the option of accessing it via browser, whatever seems convenient. Since mobile trading is quite popular these days, 10-Capital has made it compatible with both iOS and Android devices so you can trade from anywhere by logging onto your account.



There are two elements of safety that need to be addressed; the safety of your personal information and the safety of your financial information. 10-Capital has dealt with both and done so exceptionally well. 256-bit encryption, the highest level possible, is used by the broker for keeping your personal and financial details under wraps. The broker is also regulated due to which its customers are subject to AML and KYC policies. In addition, all funds are kept in segregated accounts so you can get them back in case the broker goes bankrupt.



Along with these aspects, 10-Capital has provided top-notch customer support options to traders, added a wide array of deposit and withdrawal options, a comprehensive education center for learning and some excellent loyalty bonus policies and programs for its traders. All these features have helped the broker in becoming an ideal option for those who are just venturing into this complicated world and also for those who have been around for a while. It is an all-in-one solution because of its asset variety, security and the versatile and robust trading platform that completes the entire package.