If you’re wondering how to make a YouTube video that will stand out from the crowd, we’ve offered some tips and tricks to grab attention.

Here are YouTube video ideas you can try out:


Q&A/FAQ videos 

To increase your following, come up with a session in which you take time to answer questions from your audience. You can start with the most frequently asked questions (FAQ).

For the question and answer session, try to incorporate all your social media platforms. Ask all your followers to submit their question. You can answer these questions in other related videos as well.



Many of your followers are interested in what you think about a product or a service they are thinking of using. A video can tell more information that can’t be found in texts.

Focusing on the specific features of the product, whether good or bad, will increase customer curiosity. You can review any trending thing without limit.


Demonstrations/ Testing Of Products 

Unlike reviews, testing of products gives your followers a first-hand experience of products they intend to buy. These videos demonstrate specific features of a product. For instance, you can create a demonstration video for a phone or a kitchen appliance.



Videos that teach your followers how to do something will always increase your traffic. It doesn’t matter what you decide to focus on.

Always try to find an area both you and your followers are passionate about. It will increase loyalty and confidence in your brand. Always include engaging visuals. 


Customers Testimonies 

Nothing increases your traffic than being a brand that can be trusted. The more credible your channel becomes, the more referrals you receive. This will not only boost traffic but also put you out there for investors and entrepreneurs.


How to use YouTube video editor 

There are many video making softwares and websites. After using the best free online youtube video maker app, you can upload your video in these simple steps:

  • Sign in to YouTube studio
  • Click ‘videos’ on the left side bar
  • Click the thumbnail of the video you want to edit on ‘uploads.’
  • Click ‘editor’ in the left sidebar
  • Trim the beginning or end of your video
  • You can then trim clips in the middle of the video
  • You can then add End Screen to your video


How to make a YouTube Video

After your video is ready, you can add more feature on YouTube. To use the video manager on YouTube, you have to be conversant with the features present in tabs and menus.

  • The channel overview page is on the drop-down menu, you will be able to access more YouTube editing features.
  • Cards allow you to provide links when you mention something in your video.
  • End screen annotations allow your followers to access more of your YouTube videos so they can familiarize with what you offer.

Once you understand how to make a YouTube video, it is much easier for you to use the YouTube video editor and YouTube video manager.

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