What is the most common limiting factor that stops a person from enjoying whatever he/she wants in life? Well, some of you might argue that it is time, but time is not the problem for all of us. Some of us can manage to take out time from our busy schedule if it is for our leisure activities such a trip to Bahamas or to Las Vegas or to spend a week in one of the world’s best hotels. However, what stops us from doing whatever we want is the money. Very few of the people living in this world can completely satisfy their wants using the money they have.

Likewise, money is what stops many of the people from buying a perfect vape kit for themselves. Although vaping is said to be much less harmful than smoking, the costs attached to vaping are much higher than those of smoking. This might seem a wrong argument as most of the vaping devices are reusable and you just need to fill in more e-juice in order to get started with your vaping again, but the refilling cost is much higher than if you just buy and smoke several cigarettes that would make up the amount of smokes you will be able to get out of the refilled e-juice. Very simply stated, one puff of an e-cigarette is much more expensive than one puff of a traditional cigarette.

The costs of different vaping kits differ with regard to several different factors. Furthermore, you have an option to modify and upgrade your vaping kit and as you upgrade the kit, your costs will obviously increase. First of all, let us start with pod vape kits that are very popular amongst people these days. Pod vape kits are available in prefilled versions as well as refillable versions. Prefilled are the disposable ones that are wasted after the liquid in them is finished. The prefilled type of pod mod varies between $20 to $40. The exact price will depend upon the brand you choose to buy and the store from which you decide to buy the kit from. Even in a single brand, different flavored kits cost different. Usually, the best selling and popular flavors are the most expensive ones because those are the ones with highest demand. Coming to the refillable kits, a decent prefilled and refillable kit can be purchased for around $20 to $30. The cost will obviously rise as you decide to buy more coils along with your kit. However, the average price per extra coil might reduce as you decide higher quantity because the seller will offer you a bulk-buying discount.

Moving on to the most common and one of the first to be introduced, the e-cigarette starter kits that are very basic in their design and functionality.This type of kit is available in two broad divisions. One is with non-removable battery while the other is with a removable battery. The non-removable battery vape kit is not very much demanded these days because it does not provide the user with the flexibility of vaping for a long time without having to wait for the device to charge. Once the battery runs out, you will have to wait for a few hours for the device to recharge and then only you can continue vaping. This type of kit is usually available in the market at a price varying between $20 to $40. Again, the exact price will depend upon the brand, quality of the kit and the store from which you are buying it.

Moving on to the removable battery type, this has an amazing advantage that you can easily charge the batteries while they are separated from the vaping kit. Therefore, you can enjoy an uninterrupted vaping experience for as long as you want and all you will need is a spare battery or two in order to replace it with the drained-out battery. This is a much more successful and higher in demand vaping kit and therefore, following the market dynamics, their price is much higher than the kits with non-removable batteries. A decent kit that supports removable batteries can be purchased at around $60 to $70.

According to a study, vaping costs around $50 a month apart from the initial cost of buying the kit if that kit is reusable. This makes up to around $600 a year. Just think, you simply smoke out your hard earned $600 in a year. However, any cost is justified if it fulfills your hobbies. The greater cost to consider here apart from the financial cost is the cost to your health that vaping causes. Although vaping is much less harmful than smoking, it is still harmful. However, it is not a bad alternative if you wish to switch from smoking to vaping.