Minecraft gamer’s YouTube hit ‘more popular than Bieber

It is quite hard to believe that by playing games one can actually make a fortune. However, this thing is no more a surprise. People around the world are earning a lot by playing games and making it a profession and one of such person is the Joseph Garrett.

Joseph Garrett is the newest sensation in the gaming community who spends most of his time playing Minecraft in his parents home and upload his gameplay videos on Youtube to make a living.

And by doing so, he actually gained millions of young fans around the globe. His inbox on social media platforms is always flooded with messages. But on the other hand, if he walks down the street, there are hardly people who know him. Also, the crazy part is that his videos are getting more videos than One Direction and Justin Bieber.

Welcome to the new world of the internet. Most of the aspiring games are watching his videos to improve their gameplay and become a better gamer. Also, his most popular videos are those where he is playing Minecraft, A virtual world where people needs to build their buildings.

The game is quite popular, and there is no doubt in it. Hence, as a result, he is getting more than 30 million views in a week and with this much of hits, he is earning quite a lot of money with the help of advertisement and as a result, he does not even need to step out from his bedroom to make money. According to him “When you’re in your room all day looking at little numbers tick up, I think it’s hard to gauge it.”

He also said that whatever he is doing may sink in one day. But till the time comes out he is enjoying what he is doing and it is the best job in the world to him. He also mentioned that he plays video games all day and make videos and this is what he loves doing. He is quite creative with his videos and loves to have fun while playing games and people actually enjoy watching his videos which makes him happy.

However, if we talk about his youtube channel stampylonghead , well it does not have a huge number of subscribers. But, last month his views started growing rapidly and if we check the stats by Socialblade and Tubefilter his channel happens to be the top 10 most-viewed channels worldwide. However, on the other hand YouTube only records an annual record.

However, his main audience is limited to 6 to 14 year olds. As Minecraft is quite popular in this age group.

Joseph Garrett also mentioned that most of his viewers are girls and not boys and it is quite suprising. However, the difference is not huge it is all about 60/40 split.

He started uploading his gaming videos when he was still at university. Even along with that he also used to work in a pub. But soon he left the job. As he was earning the same amount of money with his gaming. So it was an easy decision for him and when he left his pub job he had around 10,000 pf subscribers. Also, he is thankful and lucky that his parents allowed him to stay with them without any rent. So he could sort of develop this to earn a full-time living.


Better Than TV

However, he did not mention the exact amount of money he is making through his gaming or how much money he will make if his popularity remains as high as it is today. But he did mention that if everything goes well he can become a millionaire. Even he also mentioned that money isn’t his motivation. Instead, he wants to do what he is doing.

He also added that you would only get huge figures if you do it in the right way. Even, if you take the right path there is quite a lot of money out there because the gaming community is pretty huge. Even, most of the gamers with 100,000 subscribers can have a decent living doing what he is doing.  He also believes that gaming has a bright future.

Joseph Garrett also said that in this world of internet, TV is in the corner and there are not many viewers available for it. However, on the other hand, laptop and smartphones are pretty great for offering entertainment. Plus, they are easily accessible.

From the last couple of years, Kids media also changed a lot he mentioned. Nowadays kids are watching TV, going to movies and playing console games. But they are also pretty active on different social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube and playing mobile games and there are creators like me who is creating entertaining content and producing videos for those kids. As a result, they are getting popular day by day. In short, you can say that YouTubers are now celebrities in today’s world.

Also, the best part of the online world according to him is that it helps him to connect with the audience in a better way and it makes him feel more personal. He also gets a message related to his audience personal life and not about his videos which is pretty cool too, he believes.Moreover, he gets tons of messages each day that he cannot even keep a track of those messages.

When we asked him about his future plans, he said that he wants to move out from his parents home and want to stay with her friend named David Spencer who is also a fellow gamer and has a YouTube channel named iBallisticSquid.

However, he is kind of adjusting with whatever is happening with him. As being a bedroom gamer, he cannot think about much. Instead, all he wants to do is sustain what’s happening at the moment. Also, he wants to create more amazing content for his viewers and grow in the future.