With the rising popularity of YouTube around the world, one thing that we all need occasionally, is the need to download the videos from YouTube. That’s right, when we refer to downloading, we mean converting them to video formats e.g. mp4 and even audio formats mp3 to share and use the videos for our daily personal and professional goals. So, if you are one of the people who need to know about the best YouTube to mop3 converter, yt converter is the way to go.

Yt converter helps you in converting your favorite songs and educational lectures in the form of audio mp3 so that you can listen to them while doing your regular work or in the car. The mp3 format is a lot easier to transfer and use at it is lighter in data weightage and easily transferrable to other devices e.g. mobile phone, mp3 players, USB etc. There are many things you need to know about the yt converter and its benefits for converting to mp3 format.


  1. Enjoying music online:

Who doesn’t like the convenience of listening to their favorite music at different places? Well, yt converter helps in providing you downloaded mp3 audios of your favorite songs so you can listen to your favorite songs without the need of internet anywhere, anytime.

  1. Creating your own Playlists:

Yt converter enables you to download the music in mp3 version and then create your favorite playlist on your mobile. This becomes convenient for you to listen around to your playlist while cooking in the kitchen or jogging outside.

  1. No Installation Required:

If you want to sue yt converter, there is no installation required. Simply type in the name ‘yt converter’ into the search engine and download your favorite audios from the site onto your mobile phones or computers.

  1. Works Perfectly on Low Network Connectivity

Videos and streaming on YouTube requires strong network connectivity; however, with yt converter you can just download the videos and listen to them without the need of finding the perfect connections. This is because yt converter works effectively on low connectivity and play your favorite audios offline.

  1. Ability to Stream in the Background

One of the best things you need to know about the yt converter is that it can remove the restrictions of keeping the screen of YouTube on while playing the audio. Downloaded mp3 songs play in the background of your computer and laptop and can be streamed in any media playback easily.


  1. Saves Loading Time

Loading videos can include a lot of buffering and can increase the loading time as well. With yt converter, now it has become a lot easier to download and listen to songs without the hassle. You can simple go to the site, convert your desired audio clips and save your time from wasting on loading the videos in YouTube.

  1. Convenience of Audios Offline

There are some songs that we want to listen to again and again, and when it comes to such songs, we know that they cannot be listened on YouTube every time while loading the video and keeping the screen on wake. For this purpose, we need the convenience of listening to audios offline, which can be done with the help of YouTube to mp3 converter. You can download all your favorite songs and share them to your device and enjoy!

  1. Quick Conversion Time

This site is guaranteed to converting your videos into audio mp3 formats very quickly. The steps are quite simple to follow, so they do not take up much of the time for converting. Even the heaviest videos are converted within seconds, so you need not to worry about this little job taking a long time. Think of easy, hassle free music and audio download when it comes to yt converter.

  1. Free to Use

The most exciting thing about this YouTube to mp3 converter is that it is absolutely free! There is no need of installing any application, or filling out any forms, or even making any accounts. The site includes of a dialog box which requires the URL of your desired video and soon it converts into the audio mp3 format of the file. The download is completely free.

  1. No Threats of Malware or Viruses

You might fear the risks involved when downloading audio mp3 files from other sites. This is because due to the amount of advertisements and links attached, the websites become affected by viruses. Thanks to YouTube to mp3 converter, now, you can download your favorite music without fearing the risk of viruses. This is mainly because YouTube itself is a safe and secure site, thus copying format from there and converting it directly involves no third party risks of viruses.


Steps for Downloading Videos in MP3

Now that you have gathered all the information about the yt converter, lets get to know about the use of it as well. It is important to know the use correctly so that you may not end up wasting your time and get opposite results. YouTube does not offer the option to download videos from its site because of copyright and security issues, however, converting them to mp3 and downloading is easy.

  • Simply open the search engine and type in yt converter.
  • Go for the first search result.
  • Copy the link of your YouTube video and paste it into the dialog box on the home page of yt converter.
  • Select the format from the available options.
  • Select the folder location where you want the file to be downloaded.
  • Your file will convert in seconds and download in mp3 format to your device in no time!


Bottom Line

YouTube to mp3 converter is one of the most convenient sites for not only the youth, but also everyone else who loves to listen to music and download their favorite audios. This site helps you in downloading safe and free content without the need of any installation.