5 Best tips to have a wonderful stay in Tulum

Hi Everybody! I’m an enthusiastic traveler whom want to share his best 5 tips to have a great stay in Tulum, cuz I know all want a wonderful vacations or honey moon or even a splendid prom trip, so here are my tips:


1. Constantly look for deals on airplane tickets, buses, and lodging.
If you wanna go to explore any place of the world I really recommend searching for a great deal in the airplane or bus tickets and lodging, it will help a lot for your budget, also, many companies make promotions and discounts for early booking.
In addition, having small research to your destination it will help you to know when is cheaper to visit it.

For example, Tulum will be excellent spring or in autumn, the fees are cheaper and there won’t be a lot of tourists so you can go without problems and long waiting lines to deal with.

And don’t forget to book your Cancun to Tulum Shuttle.


2. Have several copies of your passport and visa in hand.
You must have several copies if one day while you are in an attraction you need it so you won’t lose the original, also, it’s better to be cautious. Maybe in Tulum won’t be so necessary but it’s better to have it for any situation that can occur.


3. Have a support plan for the places you want to visit.
One thing you have to remember is that all the places have their work time, so you need to know when they are open and when they close so you can have all the time to get there without any problem, and to not missed the opportunity to visit it.

Tulum has many places to visit and many of them are far away from each other, so you really need to know how much of time you have to visit all.

This is only a backup, you don’t have to accomplish it like a checklist, it only will help you to administrate your time.


4. Book a car rental or airport shuttle service.
This advice is due to personal experience when using a taxi service, he charged me very expensive, was rude, and took me everywhere to charge more, plus it made me arrive late to my destination I came out super expensive.
So, by my next day, I booked a transportation service so they can ride me to the airport, the service was very good, personal and fast, it can be a little up to your main budget but it really worth it a lot, it’s safer, comfortable and the price they told won’t change or will have any hidden taxes.



5. Get a first aid package in hand.
I know you can’t pass through the airport gates with a first aid bag but by your arrive to Tulum you must get one (a basic one), cuz you’ll be in walking, swimming, snorkeling, so you might be in everywhere, this will help you if something happens and need to heal a cut, scratch or anything that don’t need a doctor.