How a Virtual Phone Number can help in your Home business

virtual phone number

According to an industry statistics provided by the Small Business Administration, 52% of all U.S.-based business enterprises are home-based businesses. If you are running or planning to start a home-based business, then you should be aware of the benefits and challenges of running such a business.

Among the major benefits of a small home-based business is the better quality of service that you can provide to your customers. A 2011 survey conducted on American consumers revealed that 70% of the surveyed consumers are willing to spend 13% more money on companies who can assure them of better customer service.


With a high percentage of business-related communications still being conducted over the phone, small home-based business enterprises cannot afford to miss important calls from their local or international customers.

To improve their customer reach, small home-based business owners advertise their residential phone number or personal mobile number as a means for customers to get in touch with them. However, this can result in a barrage of unsolicited calls or even business calls outside of working hours.


How do Virtual Phone Numbers help?

To cater to the increasing volume of customer calls, small home-based business enterprises are switching from “traditional” phone instruments to the more innovative virtual phone numbers. A virtual phone number uses advanced Voice over Internet Protocol (or VoIP) to deliver improved business communication for both local and international customers.

So, how can virtual phone numbers benefit any home-based business? Here are a few reasons.


Imparts a Professional Business look

Virtual phone numbers impart a professional look to any small home-based business enterprise. Most prospective customers, who call any business phone number for the first time do not know if your business is being operated from a commercial office space or from home premises. By configuring your virtual phone number on any phone device including your mobile phone, enquiring customers are left with a positive impression about the way you conduct your business.


With features such as call forwarding, call hold, voice mails, and customized messages, virtual phone numbers succeed in presenting a professional image of your business to your customers.


No more Missed Calls on your Business phone number

Virtual phone numbers have simplified the process of communicating with your clients and employees. Features such as call re-routing and forwarding ensure that your business does not miss any customer call at any given time or location. For example, customer calls in the U.S. or any international location can be routed to a US virtual phone number configured to a remote employee working for your business.


Handling Customer Calls during Business Off-hours

Virtual phone numbers can also be customized with user-friendly voicemail messages for customers calling outside of normal business hours, customized messages can guide these customers seeking information about your business. Alternatively, your virtual number can be configured to direct customers to the right employee so as to be able to provide them with the required information.


Cost-effective for Small Businesses

Traditional phone systems require business enterprises to invest in expensive hardware equipment and communication devices along with the added cost of maintenance and repair. Virtual phone providers operate their services on cloud platforms, thus saving your business from the costs of buying in-house equipment and maintaining the same.


The absence of hardware equipment also frees up personal space in your home, which can be used for other business or personal purposes.


Scalable in capability

Thanks to its scalability feature, virtual phone systems are designed to grow according to the growth of your business. With the increase in your workforce, your new employees can simply be added to the existing virtual phone system, thus enabling more customer calls to be redirected to their mobile phones or any personal device.


Virtual phone numbers from CallHippo

As a global communications provider, CallHippo has helped provide a business phone number (using the virtual phone system) to customers in more than 50 countries. Features such as voicemail, HD call quality, and call recording ensure that any home-based business enterprise can provide optimum customer service and ensure business growth.


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