Love Netflix? Do you religiously Netflix & Chill? Do you feel a sense of guilt when you have to miss out on your favorite shows online? If the answer to all this is yes, then my friend you are a true Netflix junkie like me.

I guess, Netflix should now start posting warning signs saying “Highly Addictive” because once you start there really isn’t any going back. But now that you’re in it, then master these tips so that you can at least show off in front of your friends with these power user tips!

Netflix Pro Tips

Here are some tips to that are not known commonly by regular users.

Tip No.1 – Full Screen Shortcut

Want to shift to full screen instantly without hovering the mouse over the full screen button? Simply pressing “F” will take you to full screen, while pressing on the escape key will take you out of the full screen mode.

Tip No.2 – Instantly Mute Netflix

To mute Netflix quickly, simply press “M” and the audio will be muted, this could come in handy when your boss calls and you’ve taken a sick leave to Netflix and Chill.

Tip No.3 – Forward and Rewind

Another pro tip to forward and rewind Netflix is to press Shift + Right Arrow for forwarding and Shift + Left Arrow to rewind. If you want to make 10 second skips, simply use Right Arrow for forward and Left Arrow for rewind.

Tip No.4 – Pause & Play

Simply pressing the spacebar will pause the video, pressing it again will resume it. You can also use PgDn to pause and PgUp to play.

Tip No.5 – Want to Delete your Viewing History

Let’s admit it, we all end up having an embarrassing viewing history and if you’re sharing your account with your family or spouse, this can be a huge problem. Luckily you can clear you viewing history manually. Follow the below mentioned steps to remove titles manually:

Go to Account > Select Your Profile> Viewing Activity

Tip No.6 – Change Netflix Region

Are you bored with your Netflix library? Want to explore what other regional libraries have to offer? Simply connect your VPN to the country’s server that you want to access and expand your entertainment horizon. For example you are in Canada and want to watch the U.S Netflix, just simply use a Netflix VPN and you’ll be able to change your region instantly.

Tip No.7 – Download Movies for Offline Viewing

Thanks to Netflix that, it allows you to download titles so that you can watch your favorite shows on the go! This saves you a lot of data cost and you can watch shows while you’re on your way to work or waiting at the doctors clinic or are in an area where cellular signals are weak or not present.

Tip No.7 Customize Subtitles

Yes you can totally customize subtitles, change the text size, color and even the font of the subtitles. This comes in use especially when watching a foreign language movie. To customize subtitles follow these steps:

Go to Your Account > Your Profile > Subtitle Appearance

Tip No. 8 Add IMDB ratings via Chrome extension

Adding the IMDb extension, this way every movie or show you hover over, the IMDb extension will give you all the details and rating of the show. It’s a very handy tool to tool to save your time and quickly find great binge worthy movies in no time.

Tip No.9 Put an End to Free Riders

A study revealed that 50% of people use their ex’s Netflix account. He/She may have go on further to share the password, before that happens go to Netflix settings, Go to My Account > Sign out of all devices.

It’s not about people using your account, the problem that arises is that the Netflix algorithm gets messed up as different people use the same account. This way their ALGO gets disturbed and your viewing preferences change.

Wrapping Up!

Did you know these pro shortcuts before? If yes then comment in the section below, also mention if you know any other tips. Now you know some pro tips that saves you time and money and you can show them off when your friends come over!