Are you thinking of buying body piercing jewelry? Looking for a reliable body piercing manufacturer? Let’s face it, there is a divine relationship between jewelry and women. It is the sole reason why the jewelry industry is growing rapidly. In recent times, the trend of body piercing is gaining a lot of popularity. Many people are looking for quality body piercing jewelry to enhance their appearance.

There are numerous suppliers who provide body piercing jewelry. However, not every supplier offers quality jewelry. This is the reason why many people avoid buying jewelry from an online store.

There is good news for shop owners of body piercing jewelry. Now, they can get a high-quality body piercing jewelry at affordable prices. Salamander is a leading name in the wholesale body piercing industry. The company was established in 1998, and since then we have been providing a wide range of top-quality jewelry.

We have committed to excellence, integrity, and sustainable production. This helps us in maintaining a relationship with our staff, and partners. For us, our customers and staff are a top priority. It is the reason we are dedicated to the safety and satisfaction of our workers and partners. We believe for achieving efficiency, manufacturing, and management must work together. This is why our manufacturing process is governed by the highest standards, so all our customers and partners can get quality and beautiful jewelry pieces.

There are several other reasons for working with us. Have a look!

Top Reasons for Working with Us?

Here are the most compelling reasons to add us to your jewelry supplier list.

Trustworthy and Reliable

In today’s advanced world, there is an increase in the number of fraudulent companies. Such companies attract customers by offering special discounts and low prices. These companies usually send products of low quality as customers cannot see the product in person beforehand. This is why many people avoid buying products online.

We, at Salamander Jewelry, provide premium quality wholesale body piercing jewelry, translated to grossiste en piercing for our french readers. Our partners can rest assured that they will get certified and quality pieces of amazing jewelry. Thanks to our friendly and happy staff, we are able to build a relationship based on trust. We guarantee our service and merchandise, this is the reason why many shop owners are loyal and repeat customers.

Best Quality

We meet the highest certified standards for all our products. With the help of superior quality of body piercing jewelry, retailers, and wholesalers are capable of earning loyal customers. What makes us special is that we have a team of Quality Assurance. Our staff will check your products to ensure there is no defected piece before they are packed and delivered.

Assortment of Jewelry

We are a top body piercing manufacturer offering a broad collection of jewelry pieces. Whether you are looking for tongue rings or loose pins, we have it all. It is a one-stop shop for body piercing jewelry, silver jewelry, stainless steel jewelry, and children’s jewelry. We have everything you might need to display at your shop and grab the attention of customers. We produce distinctive pieces that your customers will not anywhere else in the market.

Attractive Pricing

One of our aims is to provide our partners with high-quality products at the best possible price. We understand how hard you work to make money and capture market share. This is why we offer unbeatable prices for our wholesale body piercing jewelry, so you can win the market by introducing low prices.

Easy Online Ordering System

We understand how hectic it must be for shop owners, retailers, and wholesalers to operate a business. It is the reason why we have developed an easy to use ordering system.

Long gone are the days when you had to order jewelry from other countries through a middleman. In today’s globalized world, there is no need for the middleman. The retailers and wholesalers can directly order body piercing jewelry from our Thailand factory.

This is beneficial as there will be no added expense; hence, reducing the cost of shipping. The order will be delivered to the shop owners without any delay. Moreover, the products will not be damaged as well.

The ordering system is safe and secure as we take security extremely seriously. We make sure all the information you provide to us is encrypted and protected. For us, convenience is extremely crucial. This is why we continuously take measures to eliminate any concern you may have. It is to ensure you can relax and have an excellent shopping experience.

Factory Direct Supplier

We produce all our jewelry at our factory in Thailand. We make sure there is no compromise on the quality of the jewelry. You can have access to unique pieces of jewelry manufactured using the marvelous craftsmanship by professional jewelers. Each jewelry piece is prepared meticulously, and attention is paid to every detail. So, you can rest assured you will be getting high-quality products.

Free Shipping

When you are buying products body piercing manufacturer in wholesale, you can get free shipping. Many online stores offer free shipping after you spend a specified amount. Since you are buying in bulk, regular shipping might become quite expensive. This is why by ordering online, you can make sure your products are shipped for free. This is one of the factors which makes ordering online appealing.

Therefore, buy wholesale body jewelry from Salamander Jewelry and increase your market share. We, at Salamander Jewelry, offer premium quality jewelry at reasonable prices. A great thing is that all the customers can take advantage of our body piercing online shop. You will not need a middleman to order jewelry on your behalf. Now, you can order jewelry in bulk directly from our factory. You can take advantage of free shipping by ordering in bulk. We have a team of professionals who are always willing and ready to help you with any question. So, you can get in touch with our friendly customer support professionals for more details.