COVID-19 has created panic and fear among people across the world. The pandemic has also affected many companies and economies around the globe. Many companies have either shut down or had to reduce the price to keep their business afloat. But not all companies or sectors are not failing. Digital marketing is one such sector that has not got affected. For many companies, SEO or search engine optimisation has become the only hope for companies to stay afloat during this time of crisis.

With the help of SEO and other modes of digital marketing, companies are not only preparing to survive under the current situation but are also preparing for the post-COVID world. Today, companies who are using SEO are able to reach the targeted audience. Here are the ways in which  SEO Reseller business.

Use Relevant Keywords

When you are thinking of using SEO Services for your business. It is necessary that you do research on top-performing keywords that are trending. You can also look at the queries that people search online that are relevant to your business. You can look at all the data that you can get hands on. Once you have got this data, you can divide your queries based on the rankings of each page. This will help you check your performance.

Work on your Current Content

If you want your ranking to receive its importance on the first page, then you need to review your content. Use featured snippets and tweak your content to improve your page. You may find it a little easy when you are focusing on the first page. The second page is a little tough and needs a little more work. You need to add more content to the current content or create a separate page. Ensure that you use a hub and spokes style for this page, which means that this page needs less maintenance.

Choose targeting queries with content that is very specific. This content will help you succeed in getting a winning featured snippet. To get more traffic or prominence to your content, you can add some FAQs that may be helpful in your search.

Try to Consolidate your Content

If your content is ranked below the second page, then you need to analyse your content. This means that the other contents are similar to you and may have better content. Such contents do not work well individually, but they perform very well when the content is consolidated. A consolidated content gives you a stronger page and a chance to compete with other pages.

Write Content in Short-Forms for Longer Queries

Look for low-search-volume queries that you may find during your search with your keyword. Consolidate these queries into one and develop your answers or contents accordingly. A combined search can be very helpful for your content. You can use these queries into short-form pieces of content that can improve your search.

Use Schema Type FAQ Page

When you are recreating your content, markup Schema type FAQ page. This gives you a chance to extend your snippets into a FAQ box. These are picked up by Google quicker than other FAQs. Using the Schema markup can help you get the prominence on the digital platforms or SEO searches. Creating and implementing the Schema markup is not as hard as you think it may be. You can use tools that are designed to develop codes for such markups.

Keep your Target Audience in Mind

When you are dealing with a crisis like COVID-19, you would also want to give information to your targeted audience about the virus. To help in getting your audience to view the information, you can use the SpecialAnnouncement markup for your website. This will help your audience to view your website during the search with the keyword COVID-19.

Create Content Relevant to the Scenario

During the time of COVID-19, people like to do a maximum search on the situation and all the information related to it. Today, many companies are using their website to develop content related to the pandemic. You can also develop such content to generate traffic towards your website. If you are selling a product, then you can also provide special COVID-19 offers that can attract the audience.

No matter what the situation may be at present, you can make use of SEO for your business.