If you and your dog are stuck indoors, don’t worry. There are still plenty of ways to get exercise. Here are some ways to exercise your dog in an apartment.

You and your dog may be stuck indoors due to the pandemic or hot weather. If that’s the case, neither of you are likely getting enough exercise.

If you have an energetic dog, keeping her active gets challenging. But canines need exercise. Without it, they can go a little bonkers.

You’re in luck because we know a few smart ways to exercise your furry friend inside your apartment.

You may have to resituate a few things so nothing gets broken. Don’t worry; there are safer games to play if that’s a concern.

But, playing these games and exercising your dog indoors can be a lot of fun.


Below are seven ingenious ways for her to burn off some energy inside your apartment. The bonus is that you’ll get to bond with your dog while helping her “hit the gym,” apartment-style!


1. Have a Game of Tug-O-War

Playing tug-o-war with your dog is a great way to keep her active. She’ll have a blast tugging away at one of her favorite toys.

Keep in mind that if all her toys are falling apart, now is the perfect time to get a new one. You’ll need a durable toy that’s easy for her to bite while you hold it.

When you find a toy that works, enjoy playing as you both fight to keep the toy!


2. Play Hide-and-Seek

Playing hide-and-seek works best with at least a couple of people. But, you can still do this with your dog solo.

To play, take turns hiding and calling your dog’s name. She’ll use her sniffer to come and find you, and when she does, reward her with a treat.

Assuming you’re playing the game with others, have them take turns hiding and calling your pet’s name. After a while, she’ll get the hang of it and will love every minute.

Since this is a treat-focused game, each person should only use a small section of a treat. Otherwise, she might get sick from eating too many.


3. Train Your Dog

It sounds easy enough, but have you taken the time to train your dog?

Even if you have, there are always new things to teach her. Schooling her on new tricks can stretch her mind and provide physical activity as well.

Here are a few ideas on tricks to teach her:

  • How to lay down
  • Release her from sitting or laying down
  • Ask her to bring you an object
  • Leap over an object, such as a stick
  • Ringing a bell

Stop twiddling your thumbs and teach your dog new tricks. Training her to communicate with you better is an excellent use of your time.

And with tricks like jumping over a stick, she’ll get exercise too!


4. Set Up an Obstacle Course

In your living room or another large room, set up an obstacle course for your dog.

Use household objects such as your table and chairs to create a course for her to run through. She can go under the table, jump over a chair leg, and run around a pillar. This is a perfect way for her to be active and burn off some energy.

Just make sure that she doesn’t get injured in the process. Clear the path as best as you can so she doesn’t run into any walls or props. And if there’s any doubt that she may fall, add some cushioning around the course.

With a careful setup, your dog will be ready to tackle the course and impress you with her smarts!


5. “Keep Away” a Toy

If you have a roommate or a friend come over, a game of “keep away” is a great way to exercise your dog.

Find a ball and throw it to the other person in the room. If it’s a favorite toy your dog can’t live without, this will work even better.

You don’t want to drive your dog too crazy if it’s a favorite toy. But, there’s no doubt this will help her be more active in your apartment.

She will burn off all sorts of energy while trying to get it from you and your friend!


6. Take a Class With Her Online

Did you know that there are canine conditioning classes online?

If you have some extra time, enroll in a few of these specialized courses.

Conditioning your dog is about modifying her behavior. And what’s nice is the courses are beneficial for you, too.

During the sessions, you can learn how to become a world-class dog trainer. Okay, maybe not world-class, but you’ll impress your dog with your newfound knowledge.

Online classes will keep her entertained for hours while you’re both stuck inside!


7. Give Her a Puzzle Toy

Physical exercise is essential, but so is mental exercise.

Give your dog a mental workout by getting her a mind puzzle. Get a puzzle toy that dispenses snacks and will require her to figure out how to retrieve them.

A mind puzzle is something that will improve her intelligence. It’ll also keep her young at heart, which is good for any dog.

You’ll have a blast watching her solve the puzzle, and it’s an excellent activity for her.

If she manages to solve the puzzle quickly, it may be time for an upgrade. There are all sorts of puzzle toys available in various difficulties, so find one that she likes and doesn’t mind solving more than once.


In Conclusion

The next time you’re feeling bored with your dog, try one of these fun ideas.

Not only is training your dog a good activity for her, but it’ll help you learn and grow as well.

Spending time with your dog involves a lot more than just cuddling. Of course, giving your pet lots of love while watching Netflix is a necessity, but there are many other ways to show her affection.

Start entertaining your dog by setting up an obstacle course, playing hide-and-seek, or taking an online class. Who knows, she may teach you a thing or two in the process!


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