Benefits Of Nearshore Software Development


What Is Nearshore Software Development

Many people have heard of the term ‘outsourcing’. Outsourcing is basically when you use the services of a 3rd party to perform some kind of work for you. For example: software development or creating a website. The concepts of ‘Offshoring’ and ‘In Shoring’ are also very well understood in the business world. Offshoring means outsourcing work to a 3rd party in another country such as India, Malaysia or Pakistan. In shoring means outsourcing work to a 3rd party in the same country. However, the concept and idea of nearshoring is still new to people.

Nearshore software development is almost like outsourcing. Companies in the US hire 3rd party companies in nearby countries such as Mexico or Latin America or Central or South America. These third party companies speak fluent English, have more skills than the people in the US and the cost benefits are unmeasurable. Offshoring is a good choice but nearshoring is more effective and efficient. There are some cons associated with offshoring.

Benefits of Nearshore Software Development

  • You can easily get in contact with your project team and talk at the same time of the day. When hiring 3rd parties in far flung countries like India and Pakistan, the timing pattern is different. While you may get off from work, their work time may have just started. Which makes it difficult to get in contact with the project team and be updated on the progress. With nearshore software development, you and the company you nearshored your work to are in the same time zone. You can easily get in contact with them, check on the work progress, advise them further, etc.
  • You get quality workmanship, just like you would expect it to perform. Many, but not all, nearshore software development companies are managed by managers in the USA. This means that the work that is performed by the nearshore software development company will be top notch and up to your expectations.
  • Your company and your project team for nearshore software development can easily get along with each other. There are few to no cultural barriers and language barriers. Plus, you can visit the nearshore software development team whenever you want. It is not located that far from the US unlike countries such as India, Malaysia and Pakistan. The companies can meet periodically and the travel time will be less.
  • The most important reason as to why companies tend to use nearshore software development companies is the low cost. You can get the same product from different countries at a lower price than you would in the US. That product or work may cost double the amount than when you would nearshore to another country.
  • Hiring nearshore software development companies reduces the work load for you and saves you time. Not only are you allocating work for them to do, you don’t have to go through the lengthy process of interviewing and hiring people. The Nearshore software development company does that for you and always has experienced workers.

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