The principal benefit of using Adobe Analytics is that it enables its users (mainly advertisers and analysts) to decipher what’s happening in their business by using high quality, real-time analytics across marketing channels.

One valid reason for certain industries to select Adobe’s products is being able to select where the data will be stored (by country). It’s the package of choice for risk adverse industries like banking and finance. With Adobe analytics you get a lot more custom variables and events.

Adobe Analytics collects and merges data from both online and offline customer channels. It also shows the hidden patterns lurking within large amounts of data, thereby giving organizations real-time insights into how their customers behave across channels and how ad campaigns perform. Furnished with this data, various businesses can align customer campaigns with business goals and optimize their customer engagement for efficient allocation of advertising budget, as well as delivering better online experiences that lead to conversion.

Users of Adobe Analytics tend to have a deep understanding of their customers because they are armed with real-time digital analytics and reporting that enables them to make precision marketing that can be shared across the business.


Unparalleled custom reporting

Measure any event on your website by making use of the power and flexibility of Excel formatting tools to create custom reports designed for your specific needs.

Quirky but well-designed interface

You can determine where visitors are navigating to or away from, and identify critical success metrics for marketing campaigns by determining the most profitable paths.

Analysis Workspace; Gives you the ability to use out-of-the-box reports that suit your needs.

Report Builder; Gives you the ability to pull data from the report suites and send them to Excel. If you are not familiar with Excel, ask an Excel Consultant

Custom Variables; Allows for more custom tracking enabling you to send string/numerical data that fits your needs.

Increased conversion; Gain directional insight to optimize ad campaign placement and on-site conversion based on post-click visitor behavior and preferences.

Deeper customer insight; Gain greater insight into where visitors are coming from and what they are doing on your site.

Lifetime success metrics; lets you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns across the entire visitor life cycle.



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