School can be fun until you start writing your essays. Many students hate writing while others have difficulties coming up with a top-notch paper for their academic tests. Increased writing activities can help students improve in their writing. With enough practices, you also can write better and meet the essay expectations in your assignments.

Students can make use of various learning resources to improve writing skills as they learn. In this article, we will look at the various resources that will help you to write better. These tools provide you with a diverse range of skills in writing to improve the quality of your papers and finish your essays on time.

1. The Hemingway App

Hemingway is a free online resource you can use to check your paper for readability and general grammar issues. It offers various style checking depending on the type of paper you are writing. Apart from their web version, you can install the Hemingway app on your PC or Mac computer.

2. Word Counter

This online tool is not only essential for counting the number of characters or words on your document but also serves as a keyword identifier. By checking the words that appear the most on your essay, you can avoid misusing common words and opt for diversity in your vocabulary to make your writing more appealing.

3. Verbix

Verbs make the fundamentals of the English language. Misusing the verbs will distort your writing or make it hard to understand. Verbix is a free online resource to learn everything related to verbs. Apart from defining verbs and giving you the various forms of usage, you can also translate words from different languages and conjugate them to form the verb in the language you need to write.

4. ProWritingAid

The ProWritingAid is a necessary tool for students and other writers, including professional writers. With this tool, you can check your document for any grammatical, style, and formatting errors. You get to learn the various writing skills from this wonderful tool. It is ideal to check your paper once you receive it from the online assignment writing service to ensure it contains no mistake when you hand it to your supervisor.

The ProWritingAid also has an inbuilt dictionary, thesaurus, reverse dictionary, an alliteration tool, and lists. With all these tools in one place, you will be ready to write wonderful essays for top grades in college.

5. Twinword

Twinword is a comprehensive tool for writers who want to sharpen their skills. It comes with many inbuilt resources that a writer needs. With the help of the keyword research tool, you can identify the best topics you can write about as well as get inspirations from top writers for the keywords you are looking up.

The Twinword writer is an online content editing tool that helps you focus on writing while ensuring your paper is of high quality. The writing interface is free from obstruction and helps you to highlight the common keywords (tags) and checking the tone of the paper. You can also check how many times you have used specific words in your document.

The history button helps you check the previous versions of the document you are working on. You can use it to restore your work in case something wrong happens to your work. Once you are through with the writing, you can export your paper or email it directly from the writer’s page. All the text formatting and images you attached will be exported with the document.

With the Twinword Vocabulary test, a student can test their knowledge of words. It is essential for students who intend to become great writers. The other tools include the personality test and advanced finder. Developers can also integrate the tool into their apps using the API. Teachers will also find this tool handy among other online teaching resources.


Quill is an interactive online tool for students to learn both Grammar and writing skills. With various resources for both the students and the teachers, the Quill platform helps students of various educational levels to become better writers. It works for students from elementary school up to the high school students. However, students in colleges who are not native English speakers will find it useful to improve their papers. comes with various ways to help you become a better writer. The Quill Connect is a tool to teach students to write complex sentences that are well-structured from fragmented run-on sentences. They can also use the Quill Grammar to learn the use of correct punctuation marks and sentence structures.

College students will find the Quill Proofreader ideal for better writing skills to handle their college essays. With the proofreader, a student learns how to spot various mistakes in a given passage. You do not have to rely on proofreaders to edit your paper. The available interactive tests are necessary for your writing improvement.

Several other resources are available for teachers who want to help their students become better writers in English. It even has tools to manage the classroom and the lessons.

In Summary

Becoming a great writer is the dream of many students and professional writers out there. It is common to find somebody offended by themselves because they cannot create the best paper in their exams. If you are a student facing this problem, you need not worry, because the dream is achievable.

Using the apps and resources given will help you with the stepwise improvements in your writing. One thing to remember is that your skills will grow gradually. It is, therefore, necessary to be patient and do more practice with your writing to ensure that you reach your writing goals. But do not forget the necessity of the learning materials and references to stay on course.

About the Author – William Stewart

William is a writer who helps craft educational materials for students and learners who may need to access it online. With the knowledge of IT, William understands how technology helps students to become better writers while staying on their curriculum. He writes to help students become better writers so that they can achieve the best in their grades in college.