These days guarding your privacy is more important than ever. Most people will be shocked at how little online privacy there is today. When they realize that most websites they visit, every e-mail they send is logged and recorded. This can make you feel quite uncomfortable, like when you have to write a rush essay. Of course, you can log onto most websites and have a look at their privacy policy but you will find lots of legal work that is designed to confuse the user and cover their tracks as they record and monitor your most visited web pages etc. Another common problem is text spamming.

People who have experienced text spams are weary of trying different free text message services.

Folks if you value your privacy and you are particularly keen on what you share to your business associates, friends or someone confidential and you need a text service, may I suggest my go-to site for privacy texting, it is a website for sending anonymous SMS text messages. It is not free every text message you send cost only$1.25 and has three methods of payment. There is no subscription only a one-off payment and the recipient of the message is not charged. Compared to other text service’s out there as well as their complete emphasis on privacy I’d say it’s a bargain and with this site you do not have to register or anything. You can use it to send confidential information or play a prank on your friends by sending them spoof messages. LOL, you should try it, it is fun. You can also try the Top 10 Buddy Reviews, a great reviews tool !


So how does anonymous text work and how do you use it?

Like I said before you do not need to register to send a text message. The sender of a text can be either a phone number or a name. The message(s) can be sent immediately or at a later time of your choosing.

Anonymous texting is super easy to use.

    • Open the website
    • Type in the phone number or name in the sender’s box
    • Type in the phone number in the receiver’s box
    • Next, type the message in the message box
    • Click send now or
    • Click send later and then set the date and time.
    • Click continue and proceed to payment
    • You can pay with PayPal, Credit card or anonymously with Bitcoins
    • Voila! That’s it