Did you know you can save time, money and effectively reach your customers/target audience with a single click?

You can achieve this through bulk SMS. So what is bulk SMS? You see unlike sending messages to a single or limited multitude of people using local SMS (short message service) on our mobile phone, bulk SMS messaging provides us with the ability to instantly send messages to thousands of people with a single click. So instead of typing and pasting different numbers and messages for every single recipient you want to send to, just signup for an online bulk messaging service. If you are a businessman in Nigeria www.smsmobile24.com is a top site that provides guaranteed instant bulk SMS service in Nigeria to all GSM networks with customized senders ID at 0.65Kobo/Unit. The website will also explain you how to send bulk SMS.

In today’s competitive environment bulk SMS services will give your business an edge compared to the conventional promotion methods like advertising on the radio, newspapers or brochures and even e-mail. SMS are cheap and direct. The radio you advertise on not everyone might tune to it, not many people take the time to read newspapers or brochures, most people will spam your e-mails but an SMS seems more personal. For example let’s say you are a pharmacist in Lagos, Nigeria and you sell a prescription to Mr. John, You might think there is no room to stand out amongst competing pharmacist because they too can provide the same prescription but what if you used a bulk SMS service provided on www.smsmobile24.com for just 0.65Kobo/unit to send timely SMS to Mr. John reminding him to take his medicine or to inform him that his medicine will soon finish and that there is more of the medicine in stock. This will make him happy with the care and attention you give him and he is most likely to recommend your services to others over your competitors.

The main advantage of using an online bulk SMS service is that you can log onto the website from any computer and off you go.

Now that you know a thing or two about www.smsmobile24.com bulk SMS service the next question is how do you use it?


  • Open smsmobile24.com in your browser (Chrome, Firefox etc.)
  • Choose to create an account.
  • fill in your name, username, password, e-mail and click the blue register button below

N/B. Make sure you write down the name, username, e-mail and passwords on sticky notes on your PC, smartphone or in a notebook.




Onto the next phase;


  • Open your email to confirm your registration by clicking the link provided
  • Once you are on the site complete your account information by clicking on personal settings (bottom left corner under the Member Menu column)
  • Fill in the phone number you wish to use, date of birth, default sender ID as well as your signature e.g. John pharmacy
  • Click on update
  • That’s it you are all set.


Now that your personal setting information is complete you can buy SMS using either of the available methods of payment which are ATM cards (VISA, Master), VOGUEPAY, as well as online banking transfer. From here you can load up contacts in your virtual phonebook, compose your SMS, type in all the recipient phone numbers (make sure you separate each number with a comma) and send.

N/B you control and manage everything on this website through the Member Menu (left side of your screen) column

For more information visit www.smsmobile24.com today for the finest bulk SMS rates available.