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Body fat scales are a great way for people to measure fitness and weight goals. Body fat scales help millions of people get in shape and boost their confidence. These scales come in so many varieties with different technological advances. Are some brands more accurate? How accurate are body fat scales?


How do body fat scales work?

Body fat scales from seem rather effortless on how to use, but how does the technology work? When stepping onto a scale you notice it starts to use technology known as bioelectrical impedance.  What happens is an electrical current travels up one leg throughout the body and down the other leg. Our bodies contain water in both the muscle and fat, and measurement is done according to the resistance of the current. As fat contains less water there is greater resistance which helps this technology put in and estimated weight.



As the technology used gives a result based off of resistance results may vary for each weigh in. For best results one should stay hydrated, measure at the same time of demand on the same day of the week each week. Wear as little as possible during weigh ins to help accuracy clothing, wet hair, and shoes may affect the results. Some body fat scales are said to have better accuracies than others based on how they are made.  With having so many factors than can change the accuracy of a body fat scale they should be used more as a way to measure progress than as a true measurement.


Other ways to measure body fat

There are many ways to help one measure body fat such as skin fold calipers, which uses a measurement of pinched skin to help determine body fat. A few other ways to measure body fat are dual energy x-ray absorption, hydrostatic weighing, air displacement plethysmography, and multi- compartment models. There are a few others as well, all of these methods are great ways to measure body fat; however the prices change for the results.

When you are measuring body fat there is no right one way to go. Choose a method you are comfortable with, the biggest goal to achieve if weight loss, this goal does support the loss of body fat. Use BMI charts to help you find healthy targets, the idea is mainly to achieve a healthier body.

For those who are into cutting and body sculpting you should know it is really hard to get to a zero body fat measurements. It doesn’t mean it is impossible, but one who is aiming for serious goals such as these should always consult with physicians and fitness instructors to monitor goals.  Achieving goals is great as long as they are obtainable within healthy means.


Conclusion on the Accuracy of Body Fat Scales

Body fat scales vary by brand as some truly are made better. The technology that goes into a body fat scale uses a estimate to give results. Body fat scales are better used as measuring progression of goals rather than true body fat totals. There are multiple ways to measure body fat and as the price goes up the accuracy becomes closer to truth.

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