The beauty of orgasms lies within the perpetual movements of either a hand, or more appropriately a penis, against the female genitalia. Even though orgasms are pleasurable, most people are unaware of the “science” behind an orgasm, when it comes to females. Whatever the case, they are glorious and must be multiple. Period.

Signs of men coming to an orgasm are way different than that of women. It’s very obvious when men orgasm. You can tell by the look on his face and from other physical proof as well. Parallel to that, women are mysterious altogether, especially in their physical prospects. You can’t really tell what goes on in that human body. But as they say, a shred of evidence is always there. Just like that, there are signs that could tell you if the woman came to your efforts or not. If you can give your Woman orgasms, you will be rewarded with love, loyalty and all the good things. Orgasms with women are something that varies from person to person. This means that they all have different ways that turn them on and make them wet, eventually coming to an orgasm. But it isn’t necessary that an orgasm is achieved every time. It takes practice and time to perfect. Normally, a woman reaches an orgasm when her G-spot is touched again and again with the same intensity. It is done when you penetrate with a penis or if you have some thick magical fingers to help you down there. Another way is to rub the clitoris between the vaginal lips. But then again, you need to know the right spot. Even when women do it all by themselves, they need practice to get better at it.


Responses in Women

Responses of the orgasms are one of the major cues that help you tell if the girl is faking it or she actually did feel the orgasmic sensations. One thing that women normally do is moan. This is natural in most cases. But not every woman is into moaning. Some stay quiet as well. On the other hand, others are loud in expressing their built intensity. This is followed by the tiny trembles in the body. Her body trembles against a man’s body. It is a satisfying moment for a man. A sensation of restlessness is created, making sure that she has no room to escape when that happens. With this, the woman would grab anything that’s in her reach to hold on to. That is because she is trying to absorb the maximum out of her orgasm. Holding on to the bed sheet, car seat or the back of a man’s shoulder is the act of making sure that it happens in the right way. If both the man and woman are in missionary position then she’d probably wrap her legs around the man. Notice the legs and feet movements carefully as well. They get stiff with the rapid inside or out movements of a penis or rubbing against the clit. Some women admitted to being numb after they came to an orgasm. But it is for some seconds since an orgasm last at an average of 3-7 seconds. For all this to happen, you need to be in a comfortable environment and at good terms with your partner. Always communicate.

Lube is important

Genitals walls are very sensitive when they are being touched. It is important that they are lubricated. One of the majors turn off is when men try to rub or insert without the right lubrication. It can actually lead to tiny cuts and is painful in itself. A lubricant could be used to insert but the orgasm is only achieved when a woman comes by herself. Again, it doesn’t happen always. Even if she tells you every time, trust me, she isn’t being honest. They aren’t free candies.


Around the world, people have various fetishes and ways that make them feel good. Some men have foot fetishes and are turned on by the mere sight of them. Others are attracted to the butts, boobs, hair, long legs, eyes, hands and on. The list doesn’t stop. Just like that, women too have some fetishes. Some are very particular about them. Some have preference for soft sex and others are into hardcore. Many like older men and that many like younger men. The sexual preference is at times important when it comes to an orgasm. If both the partners are not attracted to each other in any way then things might not turn out good. And if they are, then it’s a good to go! To quote an example of preference, there are women who can only orgasm if they are penetrated from both the anal and vaginal holes. It might get tricky for her partner but that hardly gets in the way when things are getting warmed up. For that, the orgasm signs are very visible. The expressions and moaning are enough to know what goes on in that body.

Nipples! Don’t forget to cherish and fondle them. They are the ultimate turn on in most cases. You can tell by the stiffness of the nipples that a woman is turned on and is about to orgasm. Some women like their breasts to be pressed hard and some prefer light movements. One can always ask their partner what their preference is. No shame in it. At the end, be ready to be exhausted. One, its time talking. Second, all your muscles are tired of the constant workout. Not a workout exactly, but both partners are working their way to achieve an orgasm and that require rapid movements. Moreover, the woman’s body muscles are absorbing those upsides down or inside out motions. So, a tension is built and is released right after an orgasm.

All good things…

Make sure to notice your partner’s ease in all this. If you’re not good at it, it’s okay. Good things come to those who wait and persevere. But remember, orgasms are very good and worth getting better at. Making your woman cum, certainly gives you an edge in your relationship.

We hope that the article provided you an insight into a woman’s world. Happy Orgasming!