In recent years the number of smartphone users has increased exponentially since the current mobile phones are fully functional computers in our pocket and sometimes even more. While considering the fact that a couple of years ago people used different gadgets to communicate, listen and capture the interesting moments of their life it becomes clear how smartphones have revolutionized the entire market. Nowadays with the help of a single device, we can do everything seamlessly without wasting any time and more importantly the quality of features has also improved thanks to the annual updates which those devices get from their manufacturers. Looking at the DJI’s new handheld smartphone gimbal, the Osmo Mobile 2 we can clearly see the tendency where the new generation of filmmaking and vlogging is going to. The Chinese biggest technology company revealed the following product in early 2018 and it aims to catch the attention of the market with the improved features and capabilities that no other competitor can match, which sounds intriguing and at the same time appealing



All-New Design 

Starting with the design, the Osmo Mobile 2 is made of high-quality materials which makes it pretty durable and at the same time comfortable compared to the previous model. In addition, the device features more ergonomic design and it feels comfortable in your hands after a long recording session. The new model has also eliminated a couple of control buttons to make the gimbal operation more intuitive and simple for new users. Meaning that there is dedicated record button, little joystick in the middle for controlling the orientation and the nice indicator which provides a visual feedback on how much power you go left on the device. The nice thing about the DJI Osmo is also the fact that it features spring-loaded clamp to easily switch your phone whether you are using the iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel or any other flagship smartphone. To be honest it has never been so easy to switch the mobile phones on the gimbal stabilizer then on the current version of DJI Osmo Mobile 2.



Improved User experience

The user experience is also quite important which combines not only the functionality of the device but also the special software that is designed with accordance to the needs of gimbal users. The DJI Go App truly enhances the camera operation and adds additional features to the actual device. That begin said it’s with mentioning that the DJI Go app is a truly intuitive piece of software which enables the user to easily balance the gimbal, adjust the camera settings and automatically tune the device. According to the user manual, the Osmo Mobile 2’s battery life can provide the continues video recording of up to 15 hours, which is actually the three times more then it’s predecessor and with the help of new battery indicator now it’s easier to control the charging time. Moreover, it’s worth noting that the device provides the smooth moves and auto tracking features even on the low battery level without any additional noise.


The following product is ideal for YouTube and indie filmmakers who are looking for perfect camera solution on a budget. Since the DJI Osmo always stays in-line and provides really smooth video footage in any situation, no matter if you are walking and shooting daily blogs or running on uneven terrain. It’s basically the ultimate camera gear for professional filmmakers as well as for enthusiast cinematographers who are looking for new ways to capture the existing moments of their life.




Final Thoughts

On a final note, I would like to say that DJI Osmo Mobile 2 has really made the expectations of indie filmmakers, especially considering the fact that from the previous model the product has improved significantly in almost every aspect including the ergonomics, stabilization features, battery life and most importantly the price which is the number one factor for many of us. So overall, it’s a great device which I defiantly recommend to you if you are looking for something new and revolutionary that’s going to become your best companion for the next couple of years.