A man requires to carry plenty of things on daily basis. These things mostly depend on their job requirement or purpose of the daily commute. However, there are certain things that one must carry regardless of the purpose of commutation. Some of these items also add to the style statement of a man and help them to leave an impression with their personality.

Wondering what these every day carry items are? Continue reading this post to know about them and why they are important to carry:


Let’s start with the basics; it is important for every man to have a wallet with them. Everyone is aware of the functions a wallet provides; thus, there is no requirement of discussing them. However, a point to ponder here is that a wallet can define a style statement of a man. The selection of the wallet reflects your personality. Therefore, it is advised to select one that goes with the style statement you want to create.

While the most popular choice, for many years, have been men’s leather wallets; however, other types of wallets made by other materials are also gaining popularity. The selection of wallet typically depends on the choice of the carrier.

Some prefer minimalist wallets while others like to carry trendiest wallets with bright, funky colors. There is a section of men who like to tactical wallets. These are specialized leathers with some extensive functions. The trend of slim wallets and carbon fiber wallets is also becoming popular. While the former type has a sleek and smart design the latter is particularly in demand these days due to its enhanced durability and low weight. Some men prefer leather bifolds over other types of wallets as they are both trendy and minimalist at the same time.

RFID wallets have also become a popular choice among men as they provide an added layer of security to the carrier’s credit cards. Modern day credit cards are RFID enabled. This implies that they do not require to be swiped. The card only needs to touch the scanner for the transaction to be completed. This provides enhanced convenience but comes with security concerns as well, which can be tackled by getting an RFID wallet. It is designed to block the radio waves emitted by the card. As a result, there is no risk of credit card theft or misuse.

Simply put, you need to go for RFID wallets if you have RFID enabled credit cards. In case you have conventional credit cards (without RFID chips), you can select any other type of wallet i.e. a travel wallet or a slim wallet. However, make sure it provides you ample space to carry your cards and cash in it easily and goes with personality.


A man’s look is incomplete without a wristwatch. Whether you are heading out for a friend’s get-together or you have a meeting to attend, do not forget to wear a wristwatch. Men now have all types of watches at their disposal; thus, they can find a wristwatch for every occasion or event.

In corporate settings, wearing a wristwatch can add an element of grace and elegance to your personality, provided the right type of watch, in right colors and design, is selected. Similarly, wearing a trendy wristwatch in a casual gathering can give you a standout appearance. If you are a tech freak, consider getting a smartwatch. Not only it will provide you with information on your fitness activities but numerous other functions as well.

The usability coupled with elegance wristwatches exudes is the major reason why we have included them in our everyday essentials for men list.


This one is a must every day carry item for marketers or those who have to people a lot of people on an everyday basis, as a part of their job requirements. Cardholders allow multiple cards to be stored in a proper manner without any risk of losing them. Using a quality cardholder, you can go about making contacts without having to worry about safely keeping a card to be used later on.

There are different types of cardholders available on the market and online stores in different sizes and styles. You can select the one that is suitable considering your requirements and use.


Instead of carrying multiple keys for your vehicle, home/apartment, locker etc., it is advised to buy a keyring and arrange all the keys in it. This not only keeps all the keys secured in one place but can help you to make an impression as well. For the latter part, you need to buy a keychain that is unique yet appealing.

A wide range of keyrings is available. Some also come with customization option. For example, you can get your name or a special message engraved on the keyring charm. Furthermore, the selection of colors is also available. It all depends on your personal choice and impression you want to create. In today’s times, utility keyrings have become quite popular as they provide multiple functions. They, apart from securing numerous keys, come with different utility tools i.e. a pocket knife, torch, cutter, scissors etc.

Depending on your day to day use, you can get a keychain with the tools you require.

Hand Sanitizer

A hand sanitizer can prove to be a great way to fight germs and minimize the chances of falling sick, here is a guide to create your own hand sanitiser. Everywhere we go, there are all sorts of germs ready to attack us. They can be waiting for us at doorknobs, life buttons, grills, your car’s steering etc. Not all places have handwash facilities; thus, it is advised to carry a hand sanitizer with you all the times. As they do not require the use of water, they offer great convenience. Moreover, they come with different appealing fragrance, which further enhances their effects.

Carrying a hand sanitizer in a pocket may prove to be troublesome for you. So, if you are carrying a bag, place the hand sanitizer in it and take it wherever you go to become germ-free.


It is another every day carry item that you must not leave at home at any cost. Like a hand sanitizer, it can also help you to fight with germs and prevent suffering from numerous diseases. With a handkerchief, you can also get customization options. You can get your name or a special image printed or embroidered on it and leave a mark with a small piece of cloth.


Even though people have their smartphones/tabs or other gadgets with them all the time, the utility of pen hasn’t completely eliminated yet. It can come in handy on various occasions. Furthermore, it is a perfect piece with which you make a style statement as well. However, for this purpose, the pen needs to be a classy one. You can also keep a small notebook with it in your pocket to note down important things.


If you have to carry your laptop or other important documents/book in your daily commute to work or school, it is inevitable for you to invest in a quality bag. Buy the one that is trendy without going overboard with its colors and patterns. Similar to wallets, bags also reflect one’s personality and taste. Thus, it is always safe to buy a bag with a minimalistic design if you work in a corporate environment. However, there is a scope of experimenting with the style and color of the bag if you are buying it to carry it to your university or school. You can also add an element of personalization to your bag by opting for customization printing services.

The most important thing to consider when buying a bag for every day carry purpose is the material used for their manufacturing. Some people prefer leather bags because of their sturdiness; however, they can prove to be quite expensive. Another type of bags gaining immense popularity in the current times is carbon fiber bags. Not only carbon fiber bags but carbon fiber accessories, on the whole, have become popular. The reasons for their widespread popularity are their longer lifespan, sturdiness, and low weight, and high-temperature resistance.


Lastly, never leave your home without your eyewear if traveling during the day. Shades not only protects your eyes from glazing rays of sun and dirt/dust particles but can help you to flaunt your fashionable style as well.

Eyewear is considered to be an integral part of men fashion; hence, buy those glasses that match the shape of your face so that you can get heads turned towards you wherever you go.

A Final Word

Apart from the items mentioned above, some other every day carry products include lighter (for smokers), cards (debit, credit, ID), and phone charging cable.

On paper, some of these things may not seem to be as important but when it comes to their practical use, they can come in really handy. Therefore, it is important to carry all the items discussed above wherever you go.