What is FutureOn?

With a remarkable experience of more than 15 years, FutureOn rises up out of Xvision, which is a private investment EXP organization known for being one of the best that has risen in the past two decades, which make it an ideal supplier of visual building for customers all over the world in the Gas and Oil subsea world.

The headquarters of FutureOn is situated in Oslo, Norway, and they have an office in Houston, Texas, and are gaining more and more popularity as they secure more clients, all over the globe.

FutureOn is invested in making visual programming and computerized software and applications for this industry. “FieldAP”, which was their first ever item launched, has been produced over a period 2.5 years. And then in 2016, a software known as Xvision Software was launched as a free endeavor in in the summer of that year.

What makes FutureOn special is that their organization comprises of a strong core group and prime supporters, all of whom are experienced business individuals and senior experts within visual structure, programming advancement and Oil and Gas area specialists.


WHAT IS FieldTwin?

Let’s just say that all you know about the offshore or seaward oil and gas lifecycle is no longer the same. What we have available presently is much more intelligent – and that is a highly advanced Twin Solution known as FieldTwin, offered by one of the best EXP groups, FutureOn.

FieldTwin is all you need to succeed today, especially in the oil and gas industries of tomorrow. We can guarantee this because over the whole life-cycle of a field, this remarkable Twin Solution works on creating and keeping up a highly advanced digital twin, which in simpler words, can be explained as an accurate computerized duplicate of all the information on the physical resources of an oil and gas organization. This is considered ideal these days because it empowers makers to boost resource execution, importance and esteem.

We all know by now that prompt digitalization openings make huge incentive for oil and gas organizations which are hoping to underwrite effectiveness and execution in markets which have really reduced oil value.

So, why FieldTwin? It gives a boost to major information, develops the advanced computerized twin all on its own, and completely transforms field operations.



Wondering what FieldTwin exactly is? Luckily for you, we’ve got the answer.

Have you ever wanted to have total easy to access control of all of the information you own? Guess what – that’s exactly what FieldTwin was invented to do!

According to measurements and statistics, we now know that a very significant part of the information you have in your organization remains under-utilized – or is completely unused at all – in a database and other master frameworks, which makes it hard to saddle in view of its file format or size.

FieldTwin should be invested in because this genuine advanced twin of your inland arrangement of fields, establishment and additional activities ensures that your information is changed into ground-breaking capital in order for you to get on the road to prosperity.

So, in simple words, the advanced and computerized FieldTwin is not only a solitary wellspring of truth and accuracy for literally every involved gathering, but it also coordinates IoT sensor information for the constant observation of not only the statuses of the hardware, but also the rates of how well it is streaming, how much the value of the production is, locations of the vessels and other related task of the engineers. FieldTwin, by making use of visual portrayal of gear information, also becomes responsible for simplifying information streams which were not capable of being managed properly before. It also lessens the operational courses of events, alongside anchoring information through Cloud security frameworks. It works on the proper arrangement, boring, establishment and other tasks by associating historic information and Artificial Intelligence. In FieldTwin, you can use the computerized duplicate of your field to digitize seaward field advancement, establishment, generation execution measurements, and hardware support. Lastly, FieldTwin interfaces, predicts, backs up, and keeps an eye on gear upkeep, field activities, and quality of the production.


How does FieldTwin work?

Envision a pre-FEED firm carefully planning and improving positions, field formats, and early-stage time establishment plans. The computerized item is given off to the designing firm in charge of the FEED phase of that field’s improvement – all in merely weeks, instead of months or more. This is the thing that FieldTwin is accomplishing today. This equivalent procedure would rehash after the designing is finished and establishment starts.

FieldTwin also makes information increasingly secure through its Cloud security system. Working inside the protected Cloud likewise makes it simpler to incorporate information and separate the hindrances worked by inheritance frameworks which obstruct information usage. A computerized field twin empowers information accessibility and backs up inventive approaches to misuse this information, i.e. more astute penetrating, more noteworthy field computerization, and enhanced wellbeing.

Why should you invest in FieldTwin?

Customary “digitalization” methodologies can compromise O&G organizations’ long haul feasibility as they include huge forthright CAPEX expenses. Sending IoT gadgets, SMART sensors, and mechanical apparatuses require costly new gear ventures, representative preparing, and retrofitting of existing frameworks. Such speculation may sound convincing yet the ROI on such venture is hard to evaluate.

Compared to this, FieldTwin is a progressively productive and prompt digitalization technique for oil and gas organizations enhancing their tasks with computerized rapidly. In a split second, it actualizes information-driven answers to enhance work forms, increments information availability, and usage.

All partners would now be able to see like never before previously — the same data, altogether.

Other key features of FieldTwin include allowing to collaborate with every party and share knowledge and information with them, high quality means of communication and speeding up processes, a lot of accessibility through the Cloud, allowing the ability to work in a digital atmosphere, persistent profits, less time taken to launch, enhanced operability, high-risk management, enhancing designer performance and higher field profitability.