If you have worked hard throughout the year, you may want to take a well-deserved vacation. Additionally, traveling can be part of what you do for a living. What’s more, you may feel virtuous for having switched from traditional smoking to vaping. But, you may give the idea of packing vaping kit in the purse a second thought.
Generally, vaping is fairly a new concept. Different nations have varying views on e-cigarettes. The regulations and rules that govern vaping in different countries vary. Quitting smoking is not easy. But, you don’t want to have the authorities at your travel destination confiscate your vaping kit. That’s why you should remember the following things before you travel with a vape.

Conduct Some Research

 While preparing for a trip it’s important to find a good device, for example, dab pen at vaperevs.com. Before you pack it in your purse, conduct some research about vaping and associated products in your travel destination. Know the vaping policies of the airline or airport that you intend to use. There are airports that have areas where people can vape. However, there are places where vaping in airport buildings is banned completely. E-cigarettes are illegal in checked baggage in some places. Therefore, they should be packed in a clear plastic bag and put in carry-on luggage and go through the security checkpoint.
Also remember that some countries have banned e-cigarettes completely. Among the countries where vaping is banned include the Philippines, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Lebanon. Some of these countries have severe punishments for vaping. For instance, the Philippines and India can put you in prison just for packing your vape kit. Egypt, Thailand, Turkey, and Belgium have also banned e-cigarettes.

FDA Guidelines on E-Liquids

It’s important to remember that the FDA guidelines require travelers to limit gels, creams, and liquids to less than 3.4 ounces per container. That means your liquid must fit your quart-sized bag. Measurements for vape juices are in milliliters. 3.4 ounces are the same as 100ml. If you exceed this amount, pack your juice in a checked bag. If you intend to carry a vaporizer that has juice, pop out its cartridge or clean it out beforehand. Alternatively, pack the device in the liquids bag. But, emptying the juice is the smart option due to pressure changes that can cause leakage while flying.

Pack the Batteries Safely

Even when you have the best wax pen, pack its batteries with care. Lithium-ion batteries may be allowed in the checked baggage. You can pack them in the carry-on baggage. However, don’t just throw the batteries in the hand luggage. Instead, pack them in a carrying case.
The Transportation Security Administration allows travelers to carry dry batteries in their checked or carry-on baggage. However, the Federal Aviation Administration does not allow transportation of lithium batteries in checked baggage when loose. As such, take batteries out of the pocket or bags when passing through security. When you intend to carry extra batteries, pack them in a case to prevent them from connecting accidentally and starting a fire. What’s more, remember that charging batteries or e-cigs in a plane is illegal. That’s because most authorities consider charging the batteries in a plane a fire hazard.

Be Mindful of the Surrounding

No matter how good your dab vape pen looks, remember vaping etiquette whenever and wherever you use it. Generally, good manners of vaping include avoiding vaping when in enclosed spaces. Such spaces include waiting rooms and elevators.
Although research suggests that e-cigarette users that want to quit smoking ought to vape daily, avoid vaping in crowded areas. No matter how strong the urge to vape feels, look for a quiet location to do it. Avoid vaping in eating areas too even if they are outdoors. That’s because some senses of the eating people can be affected by vaping smells.

Additionally, when you travel abroad for work purposes, check with clients or colleagues before you vape. In some offices, you will find designated vaping areas like the roof terrace. Vaping at such places gives you an opportunity for socializing, networking and even clinching a deal.
Always remember that when traveling, you represent the vaping community. Being conscientious enhances your chances of having a trouble-free travel experience.

You May Have to Explain Patiently

Not everybody will know what exactly you are carrying when traveling with a vape. It’s true that vaping is becoming a common practice. However, not all people are up to speed. If you carry a nondescript looking wax pen, not everybody will definitely know what it is.
Basically, there should be no problems when traveling with your vaping equipment. However, it’s possible to come across an airport staff that does not get it. When you come across such a staff, you may have to spend some time explaining what you are carrying as well as its components. Nevertheless, this should not be a dampener for your trip.
What’s important is to follow the rules and avoid anything silly. But always remember that you can forget this when traveling with limited time and go off on such staff. Therefore, remind yourself to be patient and breathe no matter how bad the situation seems to you.

Find Retail Locations

You definitely don’t want to carry your devices and end up not using them. Therefore, if you travel to a country where vaping is allowed, look up for retail stores where you can easily restock upon arrival. You can use Google maps or check out online stores where you can get vaping resources. That means you don’t have to carry everything you will need to vape in your baggage. Instead, carry your wax vape pen and buy the rest while at your destination.

The Bottom Line

Although evidence showing that vaping is safer than traditional smoking keeps piling up, countries and people have different views about it. What’s more, vape regulations keep changing from time to time at different locations. Therefore, before you travel, always conduct some research to know the rules and regulations that govern vaping and vaping products at your destination.
Bear in mind the fact that just because you love vaping, not all people love or feel comfortable about it. Thus, even if vaping is allowed at your destination, make sure that the people around you won’t be annoyed when you vape. What’s more, expect curious questions occasionally. Nevertheless, if you are properly equipped with facts and answers, you will give informed answers.


About the Author

Thanush Poulsen is a travel blogger from Denmark. He visits the distant destinations of our planet to find beautiful places to write about.