HealthifyMe is a mobile application that falls into the health and fitness category to assist you in achieving your health goals via its calorie counter. It is a true example of how technology can actually help us in a positive way to improve out health instead of any medicines etc. This is a mobile application and was founded by two people Tushar Vashisht and Sachin Shenoy, who collectively worked to make this a success. This app is actually one of the leading platforms of health and fitness in India.


Brief History

This application was introduced by Tushar which was initiated only when Tushar was facing a personal crisis in terms of weight loss on his own. The idea came to him then and he started to put a food and calorie list together so that a complete calorie counter could be available to people for following a healthy lifestyle. After a year of establishing this health and fitness application, Sachin Shenoy came in as the co-founder.

In the later years then, HealthifyMe joined many hospitals such as Manipal, Medanta and partnered with Godrej Nature campaign to start a health and fitness movement in India which set the goal to make Indians motivated towards opting for a healthier lifestyle. This proved very successful for them and paved their way for success. In 2015, HealthifyMe was awarded the Top Developer Badge by Google and also listed as one of the best apps of the year 2015. Following in 2016, the app was awarded again for the best health and fitness app on Google Play. It has been awarded three times total and is one of the top picks by Editor on Google play.


Best Application for Weight Loss

It is a common fact that weight loss is not easy. Different people have different problems and physical conditions that lead to obesity. Some have hormonal imbalance, some have low blood count, some have depression obesity, post-pregnancy and the list goes on.  Not everyone requires the same diet which is why this app offers you to get yourself in shape with the help of a calorie counter, water tracker, personal food calorie counter, and even offers you healthy recipes so that you are encouraged to improvise your health and get fit.
The fitness tracker actually provides the users all types of exercises; even yoga, which the users can easily get subscription for and get easy access to internationally certified fitness trainers from home. These international organizations include the ISSA and ACE which are prominent among others.

It provides you the guidance to lose and maintain weight with the help of the calorie counter option, and over 200 trainers who meet to your queries and needs. It is available for iOS and android both, and comes with the options of calorie counter and tracking, water tracker, on-cloud based fitness coaching through experts. You can log on your food onto the app to get the nearest accurate figure of your calorie intake and maintain your routine according to that. The highlighting feature of the HealthifyMe application is that it offers its users customized diet plans according to their medical conditions, specific needs, and in turn the trainers recommend diet charts and exercises that are exactly according to your requirements.



This calorie counter app has also partnered with various brands, hospitals and offices that add to the overall clientele ratio and success of HealthifyMe. Medical institutions and hospitals namely Apollo, Medanta and Manipal all contribute along with HealthifyMe to ensure a better lifestyle for people and good health free of sugar, obesity, cardiovascular issues or any other diseases. This is only possible due to the collaboration and trust of these hospitals that has enabled the technology to help the people in medical science and provide the best health and fitness services that a person can easily get access to.

HealthifyMe has also gathered the corporate sector collaboration in a way that they provide you the option of corporate wellness project that ensures a guideline for better health and wellness of the employees which in result, improves the company’s performance. The companies that are in the list include major names such as Shell, Unilever, and Phillips etc. This not only has profited the application but the companies too in terms of better employee attendance and input from their side.

Prominent Features of the App

  • A personalized diet chart- You can get your own customized diet plan according to your needs and any medical conditions that may be present. HealthifyMe helps to plan your meals accordingly and measures your daily calories through a calorie counter, whilst also providing you specific suggestions of exercises.


  • You can now easily measure your nutrient and calorie intake through the calorie counter as well. Meals are logged in on the app which checks the macro and micro nutrients. For extra convenience, you can even upload a photo of your food and the app will do the work for you. It has the largest database of Indian foods.


  • Users can always check the level of progress which can add to their motivation. How much weight have you lost and how much is to go, or people with other conditions for example diabetes, cholesterol, thyroid etc can also check their progress and health data at just a glance.


  • There are also a number of health suggestions, and healthy recipes for you to create when you are finally following your plan. The app provides a daily dose of motivation through these things so you can achieve your goal without any hindrance.


  • The application provides the option of water tracking and reminders so you can stay alert to complete your water intake and stay hydrated and fresh throughout the day.
  • HealthifyMe provides countless instructor and dieticians for one to one coaching purposes also.You can easily get customized weight loss recommendations from the world famous nutritionist Ria, who is one of the most followed nutritionist and provides you a personalized plan. You can set your exercise routine with expert help so you can get the best help and the best results.