Malta is the hidden gem of the Mediterranean. If you are looking for the ultimate holiday destination while on a sailing yacht, it is the island-nation that you need to check out. The truth is that Malta is best explored by the sea. A private boat trip around the country is just what you need to forget about all your worries. Watching the turquoise sea, beautiful nature, and the historical sites will allow you to take a much-needed break. Even if you plan on spending just a day in Malta, this ultimate guide shares all the information that you need to make the most of it. It takes a close look at all your options so that you can decide how to make the most of your sailing yacht trip around Malta.


Sailing in Malta will enable you to immerse yourself in everything the islands have to offer. The sister island of Comino is the perfect place to start your trip. Since it is small, you should have no trouble navigating it. Its bays will leave you capturing pictures on your phone. The stunning surroundings will make you realize just how good of an idea it is to rent a boat Malta.

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is possibly one of the best places to visit when in Malta. It makes for a great boat trip. You will find tourists and locals having a great time at the lagoon. It is definitely recommended for those of you that do not have a lot of time on their hands. Since you will be on a sailing yacht, you will get to skip out on the tourist boats and truly relax on your own or with your friends. When you visit Comino, the Blue Lagoon is where you will get to relax, go paddleboard, snorkel, sunbathe, and enjoy your time. There is nothing more fun than taking in the Mediterranean sun.

If you visit during the off-season, you are bound to have an even better time. The natural beauty of the Blue Lagoon will leave you will truly satisfied. Then, you can trek along Comino or hire a local guide to see the hidden gems. Experience the way locals live and more with a trip to the area.

Crystal Lagoon

Once you are have explored the Blue Lagoon or are looking for an alternative, you can head to the Crystal Lagoon by boat. It is nestled between gorgeous cliffs. You can visit St. Mary’s Tower and bask in the sun or go for a swim to cool off. The experience is unlike any other. Besides, there are plenty of places to eat and get a taste of local Maltese cuisine which is a mix of everything Mediterranean.

St. Nicholas Bay

Next, you can head to St. Nicholas Bay. It is the ideal place to add to your sailing trip. Its crystal clear waters make it an excellent destination for snorkelling and swimming. The best thing about the area is that there are sandy beaches which are easily accessible. It is a quieter option. Therefore, if you are looking for less hustle and bustle, you will feel right at home. It truly is a great idea to visit St. Nicholas Bay.

The Comino Caves

Another great place to check out while sailing in Malta is the Comino Caves. They boast lovely blue waters. Santa Maria Cave is suitable for divers and snorkelling enthusiasts. Visiting the caves is a must since they provide you with the opportunity to try out many things such as paddleboard and swimming. As there are strong currents around the area, it is advised that you have a local skipper come along with you or check the area beforehand.

St. Paul’s Island

Continue your sailing journey in Malta by visiting St. Paul’s Island. It is located towards the north east of the country. You can stopover on your way back to Comino or just relax and take in the sun. The island is known for being the stop of St. Paul the Apostle’s journey as his ship got wrecked. The cliff backdrop and lovely clear water will allow you to truly relax and rejoice. You can take selfies next to St. Paul’s statue to show off your adventures online. It is definitely worth stopping over for when on a Catamaran charter in Malta .

Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay is a great location for your sailing Maltese trip. You can trek down the sandy cove to take in the beauty. It is a must-visit. You will find the beautiful beach and its crystal clear waters to the ideal hideaway. Escape from the world while on your trip. You are bound to have a killer time when at Paradise Bay.


If you want to check out something unique, you should visit Delimara. Its unique rock formations and cliffs will impress even the most stubborn at heart. The British had built the Delimara Fort. It is a great location for history buffs. Learn more about the role the British played in Malta by visiting the area. It will help you find out just how deep the connection runs between the two countries.


Finally, you should complete your trip on the Maltese archipelago by visiting Gozo. It has been inhabited for thousands of years. The island showcases British, French, Sicilian, Arab, Roman, and Phoenician history in all its glory. Watch how all the civilizations come together in this part of the country. The temple ruins, scuba diving sites, rural hiking paths, and beaches will leave you fully satisfied. Gozo needs to be on your sailing itinerary if you want to have the best of times.


Now that you have gone over the guide, you will be able to prepare the perfect trip around Malta. Sail across this glorious nation and have the time of your life. All you need to do is rent a boat for the ultimate trip.