We are certainly living in a digital world and the future looks very different from only a few decades ago, as digital development in ongoing, while the pandemic forced a lot of businesses to find digital solutions to deliver their services. Any company that is not using a digital marketing agency to strengthen their online presence is going to find it tough going, as competition in every sector is at an all-time high.

Digital Devices

These are replacing traditional analogue and mechanical machines; just take a look at the latest generation of touch-screen information boards you find at shopping malls and airports and we’ve all seen the huge digital advertising screens in the big cities, which will soon be everywhere. The rollout of 5G and the Internet of Things will have a positive impact on us all, as every single digital device will be connected to a global grid that is managed by AI.

White Glove Logistics

This is a growing sector that services many industries, such as:

  • Banking & Finance – ATM installation and maintenance.
  • Healthcare – All technical equipment found in hospitals and clinics, such as MRI and CT scanners and X-Ray machines.
  • Fitness – The latest generation of fitness equipment is installed and managed by white glove companies such as TecDis Network, a leading UK white glove logistics provider.
  • Gambling & Entertainment – Next time you are playing the slots in a casino, the white glove team are responsible for the installation and maintenance of all gaming machines and they must have special clearance for such work.
  • Retail – Digital signage and touch-screen information boards are also the domain of the white glove technician, who must spend a lot of time attending workshops that enable them to work with highly technical equipment.

White glove logistics is all about certification; technical equipment manufacturers will not permit unauthorised people to handle their delicate and very expensive equipment and who can blame them? Click here for further reading on cloud communication systems.

Online Business Communication

Just about every organisation in the world is now using VoIP platforms for all their business communication, a far cheaper alternative to the telephone. The boss can easily call for a meeting with their global team and in real-time, the group can collaborate and work much like they were in the same geographical location. Powerful features like whiteboard and file sharing empower the user and most companies are making best use of Zoom, the international video conferencing platform that has so many features.

Cloud Business Solutions
It makes perfect sense to have all your business data on a secure cloud network and if you have yet to switch to the cloud, talk to an IT managed services provider, who can walk you through the process. Using the cloud offers many benefits, such as:

  • Authorised personnel can access the data from any location, using any digital device.
  • You can create permission hierarchies to control who sees what.
  • Built in Cyber-Security – Provided by the managed IT service company.
  • Use the cloud for all business communication.

The business arena has turned digital and that doesn’t look like changing anytime soon. Are you making the most of available technology to support your business?