Can’t get enough of modern coastal apartment decor? Neither can we! Here are five fresh and fabulous style tips for how to achieve this look in your own home.

When most people think of modern decor, they probably think of harsh lines and almost clinical surfaces. Concrete, dark lumber, and metal may not sound appealing in your home, but there is a modern decor style that doesn’t follow any of those rules.

Modern coastal decor focuses on light, fresh, and open spaces with a little splash of marine colors. It can make you feel like you are on the beach but without all the annoying sand in your clothes.

If this sounds like home to you, there are a few ways you can bring this decor into your apartment.


Stick to Neutral Colors

When you visit the coast, what colors do you see?

These are the colors you’ll want to incorporate into your decor.

You’ll use a lot of whites and light creams. It may surprise you how many different whites there are in paint colors. Of course, each white has a slight tint of another color.

Either way, all are safe bets in the modern coastal decor. When adding other colors to the mix, try your best to mimic the colors of the beach.

Look for things that are the color of sand, sea glass, driftwood, and coral. Think muted greens and blues with orangy pinks and browns.

Unlike nautical decor that uses navy, gold, and red, coastal has a much more subdued color palette.

Use Natural Materials

Again, to mimic the coast, you’ll want to use as many natural materials as possible in your decor.

When going for a fabric material, choose linen or cotton. Slipcover couches are standard in coastal style.

You can disperse some knitted and crocheted throws or macrame wall hangings to add texture.

Woven baskets next to the couch to catch extra throw pillows or magazines will be right on par with the natural theme. When purchasing wood furniture, look for light-colored wood such as teak or pine.

Bare wood floors are preferable, but if you must dress it up — use natural fiber rugs.


Don’t Overdo the Obvious

You want to make people feel like they might hear the waves crashing if they concentrate — not feel like they are drowning in them. So you don’t want to overdo the ocean theme.

If you splatter your apartment with too many boats and seashells, it will only come off being cliche. So forget the obnoxious anchor, lighthouse paintings, and hanging life preserver.

Instead, choose a unique way to present just one piece per room. Perhaps you can find a modern sculpture made from beach glass, seashells, and driftwood. A quick look at Etsy will show you that there are many to choose from.

Another way to add modern coastal art to your apartment is to hang some subdued ocean sunset photos.

Choose Modern and Abundant Lighting

Coastal decor is very airy and bright. You can’t pull off coastal style in a dark and cramped apartment. You need to find ways to bring in as much light as possible.

Coastal and modern lighting is particular as well. The best choice is to find pendant lighting with metallic finishes to light from above.

Do you want to add lighting from the walls?

Try oversized round glass votives sconces or hurricane lanterns. These choices will add to the modern coastal atmosphere.

Joss & Main have a whole line of coastal decor and a good selection of lighting to choose from. As you browse the collection, you’ll notice pendant lighting, metal lanterns, and glass lamps with shades of natural materials.

It’s also essential to let in lots of natural light. When deciding what drapes to choose, as sheer as you can go, is your best bet. If drapes aren’t your thing, go for rolling woven blinds to allow you to pull them up to let in more light.

Opt For Open Floor Space

When walking the beach, the breeze is in your hair, the salty wind is in your nostrils, the crashing waves are lapping at your feet.

And in your sight?

The vast open sea.

Open and airy is a must in coastal design. Whatever pieces of furniture you choose, whatever decor you add — don’t ever overcrowd the room. Less is more here.

Leave lots of wandering space between your furniture. That way you never inadvertently lose that open-air feeling you need to create a modern coastal apartment.

Since you can’t have too much furniture and accessories, it’s paramount that you choose your pieces well. There are interior decorating sites that sell nothing but modern coastal pieces.

Check out Livingston Interiors, Lulu and Georgia, and Serena and Lily. These sites also have great examples of coastal design that could inspire your own decor.



Modern coastal is a trending decor that we predict might become a classic. It’s clean and minimalistic but still feels like you can relax and sink into the furniture.

It’s the best of both worlds. By using these decorating tips in your apartment, you can enjoy the serenity this decor brings into your home.

Remember, there are different coasts, and each one has an entirely different vibe. Just like coasts can differ from country to country, your modern coastal apartment can vary from others, and that’s ok.

The important thing is that your apartment has a natural and relaxed feel about it. It should bring to mind the feelings like those you experience when you visit the coast — whichever coast that happens to be.


Author Bio

Aaron Hunt is the property manager for Prime Place Arrow. He can be reached by email at or by call or text at 402-858-2858.