Why Should you implement Ajoft HRMS Suite in your organization

Managing day to day workings in an organization is a tough task for any HR department. From leaves management to attendance management, there are multiple segments to take care of and very little room for errors. In this scenario, automating the manual process is a big win win for any company. Ajoft HRMS suite, a cloud based HRMS Software, is one such system that promises to make human operations easier. Let’s see if it stays true to the promise!


Ajoft HRMS Suite is a corporate suite which has all the features of an enterprise level HRMS which helps you to increase the productivity, professionalism and profitability of your company. It has been developed with an objective to streamline company operations and make it profitable, productive and efficient. Some of the prominent features of Ajoft HRMS are listed below:



Employee Management System: All the employee data of all employees are stored in hrms so that processing and retrieval of data can become easy. Data can also be added by employees so that they feel empowered. All the docs related to employment can be made available through the automated documents system.




Leaves: Totally automated leave management module wherein HR can create leave type and policies and forget it. Ajoft HRMS will take care of the rest. One of the smartest leave management systems online. Leaves are automatically allotted and adjusted.



Attendance: Ajoft HRMS features advanced attendance module which can be integrated to any bio-metric devices if there is need and it keeps tracks of user locations, user devices login patterns and other criteria to avoid fake attendances. It can automatically notify employees of late comings or incomplete duration without any human interference.


Finances: Its very easy to keep track of employees payroll and finances and employee expenses using our HRMS finance module.Payroll generation is breeze which can generate payroll of thousands of employees in just minutes without any human interventions. All the financial data related to employees can be tracked using this module.


Recruitment: Recruitment modules helps HR department streamline recruitment process of any company with inbuilt automation system. It helps you in providing awesome experience to a candidate which no candidate will be able to forget thus improving your company branding and increasing productivity. All the interviewee data is stored online to provide better insights.


Leads: Since aim of Ajoft software is to reduce company expenses, increase productivity and revenues , Leads modules helps in streamlining activities of your sales force thus increasing your revenue. Using leads module, your sales can make better and smart decisions and thus helping them close more deals and increase revenues. The leads management system provides many features which helps in managing and closing a deal.


Marketing: The inbuilt marketing module of Ajoft HRMS helps contact your employees and customers at any point of time using multiple modes of communication like email, sms,or call. This helps keep your employees and customers informed thus helping you increase your revenues.


Job Board: Ajoft HRMS provides inbuilt job board which allows visitors to see the current job openings available in your company so that they can directly apply for the required job right there and enjoy the benefits of smooth hiring process.


CMS: Integrated CMS helps your to launch entire website or just hr portal for your company in a breeze. The template based architecture allow you to customize your portal design as per your choice.


Assets Management System: The advanced asset management system in Ajoft HRMS is one of its kind where you can manage any kind of company assets be it tangible or intangible goods. It even keeps tracks of vendors and consumables and non-consumables goods. It is one of the first kind of asset management system which gives an idea about the average expenditure and monthly expenditures in company for the assets. This can help company owners make smart decisions and reduce costs.


Project Management: Ajoft HRMS features smart project system which helps company know how much actual work has been done. What’s the expenditure for the work done till now and it also explains whether the  project is in profit or loss. Thus helping a company owner make smart decisions. What Works?


Final Thoughts

Ajoft HRMS SUITE has been developed by Ajoft Technologies. Ajoft is a Software Development company which develops software for businesses to make them more productive and profitable. Ajoft HRMS SUITE is a well thought out HRMS system for companies that need comprehensive payroll and ESS modules along with CRM capabilities. It is scalable, cloud-hosted, mobile-integrated and feature-rich.


If you’re looking for an HRMS tool that can ease payroll, attendance and employee functions, Ajoft HRMS is a good solution to go with.

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