Let’s face it. Not all people utilize Textedit on their computers, especially Mac. However, we know that a huge number of bloggers do. The major concern is that changing Textedit to HTML through pasting it into WordPress HTML Editor does not work quite well.

Hence, that’s why we are here. This post will help you find a quick way to convert Textedit into a crisp and clean HTML for WordPress. This guide will simultaneously offer you tips on making some rapid formatting changes, like changing bold text into a header, changing every link to open in a new window, and more.

This post aims to help you get rid of every redundant HTML a post made in Textedit when moving it to WordPress. It will also offer tips on how to replace every bolded text with h2 or h3 tags at a simple click of a button. Finally, it will help you replace every link in a post to open in a new tab or window at a click of a button.

Here’s what you will need to this trick:

  • A text search and change extension for your browser
  • Internet access
  • Textedit and WordPress

Have you tried copying all your text to WordPress? Then you will notice it have extra spaces between all lines. It’s obviously a waste of time to go back and remove them. You will also have a set of links there. If you don’t want to mess around with these links, fret not. There’s a much quicker way to do it.

Further, if you take a close look at the HTML, you will see it has all those P class tags, which is a waste of HTML, right? In short, it’s not a good code. Hence, remove all of them.

As an alternative, go to your preferred HTML editor, like TinyMCE. This is an editor, which is very much the same as the WordPress text editor.

Paste your post into your preferred editor. You will see it still has the same problems with the extra spaces. But you will have a simple way to take out of them.

Look at the source code of the HTML. Then grab the code, which inserts the breaks between the lines you want to remove. Use a Chrome extension Search and Replace. Search for that code and replace that with nothing. Doing so will remove all the line breaks you have.

The next thing you need to do is to change all your headers into h2 tags.

If you do that in Textedit, you use bold to make your headers. Look at the HML. Take note that the HTML for bold is strong. Hence, you need to get that the last arrow and paste that in Search & Replace extension. Replace that with the header tag you want. If you like h2, you can type H2.

Finally, do you have many links open up to other sites where you’d want them to open in a new window? There’s a simple way to do that.

Type the beginning of the code up for a link, which is <a href, and then replace that with <a target=”_blank” href. Take note that when you add that extra target equals blank there, that’s going to tell your PC that it is a link that opens in a new window. So, change and add that code to all the links you have.

Copy the HTML. Return to WordPress, go to the text editor and paste the HTML in. The only thing you need to do now is to add your header image, save the draft. You can then preview the post.

You now have a blog post that looks good. All the links you have will open in a new window, and the bold headings you had before have changed to h2.

Following this guide will surely save a huge amount of time when making posts. We hope you find this guide useful and practical. So, what are you waiting for? Convert now your Texedit to HTML to WordPress with this guide.

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