It is very advantageous to rent a car for short trips if you live in New York City since it will be much cheaper than to pay an enormous price for a parking place or repairing services in case of any failure. I have always tried to look for car rental services near me but it is senseless as far as RealCar is concerned. The main advantage of this company is its delivery system according to which you can get any selected car wherever you wish in NYC.

How to Hire a Car in RealCar?

RealCar rental company developed a modern and comfortable system of car ordering. You are able to make booking online on the RealCar website. For this purpose, follow the simple plan of actions:

  • Choose a booking option on the main page;
  • Select the dates for which you need a rented car;
  • Choose a car from the available list;
  • Agree on the time and place where your car should be delivered;
  • Get your car according to the agreement;
  • Return the car when your trip is over at the place determined before.

Why is RealCar the Best Option?

Door-to-door delivery is not the only advantage of RealCar rental services. In addition, you don’t have to make any additional payments while driving a RealCar hired vehicle. Pay only for what you have used. This benefit helps spend less money if compared with maintaining your own car. Another advantage is a special mobile application which you can use for planning your trips. This app allows you to determine your destination, create a route, edit it as well as make some bookings. However, the largest attraction of RealCar rental company is its fleet of premium vehicles. All of them are 4-wheel-drive cars with luxurious leather interior. The vehicles are fitted with modern technologies such as developed sound system and navigation by voice. The RealCar fleet includes various models of Jaguar, Mercedes, Range Rover and Porsche.