Insomnia – who of us sometimes does not experience it? Occasional sleep problems do not significantly affect our functioning, but prolonged insomnia drastically reduces the comfort of life. Proven and natural ways to deal with sleep problems come in handy.

Periodic sleep disorders are nothing wrong. Worse, if the problems with sleep last longer – we have permanent fatigue, a decrease in concentration and apathy. An unrested organism is susceptible to all kinds of infections and psychosomatic disorders – not sleepy we more and more often react to everything with anxiety, and everyday activities grow to the rank of challenges, giving rise to more and more tension in us.

Periodic insomnia and chronic insomnia – symptoms

It is comforting that our wise organism will sooner or later remember about rest and will try to regenerate. However, it may happen that our sleep problems turn into chronic insomnia, which requires consultation with a doctor – because there may be a disease behind it, which requires certain preventive measures.

Periodic insomnia can be effectively managed with natural methods. This type of insomnia can occur in anyone due to strong emotions, chronic stress, noise or failure to observe the basic rules of sleep hygiene. It usually lasts from a few days to 3-4 weeks and is not classified as a medical condition.

Effective ways to deal with sleep problems

Periodic problems with sleep will be effectively dealt with in natural ways. Just modify the rhythm of the day and try out some proven recipes for peaceful sleep.

Basic sleep hygiene

Physical activity is an ally of healthy sleep, but it is worth remembering not to play sports for 2-3 hours before bedtime. Similar hours apply to dinner – if we are hungry before bed it is good to have a snack on yoghurt, a piece of white cheese or banana (tryptophan – an essential amino acid to produce serotonin – and the potassium contained in banana will help us to fall asleep).

Before sleeping it is worth to ventilate the apartment and remember about evening relaxation – listening to relaxing music, reading inspiring books or sex will effectively help us to relax. <American scientists alert> People with a successful sex life experience sleep problems much less often ?

Diet for sleep problems

When we experience sleep problems, we need products that affect the functioning of the nervous system and the production of serotonin. So let’s focus on those B vitamins rich in vitamins that relieve nervous tension, increase resistance to stress and improve mood and concentration. They are found in wholemeal products (groats, wholemeal pasta, wholemeal bread, oat flakes), as well as legumes and sprouts. Extremely valuable vitamin B12 is mainly found in products of animal origin, but since the “green meat”, i.e. spirulina, is popular, its deficiencies are not terrible for vegans.  As the author of the lifestyle blog Kaddinator emphasizes, the mentioned tryptophan – an amino acid involved in the production of serotonin – the “happiness hormone” and melatonin – the “sleep hormone”, which regulate the daily wakefulness and sleep cycle, also plays an extremely important role. Tryptophan can be found mainly in dairy products and fish. People on a plant diet will supplement its deficiencies, including linseed and soy products (soy flour and dry soya beans have as much as 35-40 mg in 100 g of product).


In states of tension and nervous stimulation effectively help proven herbal mixtures based on: Hops, camomile, melissa, mint (has similar calming properties as melissa) or lime. Herbs can be drunk during the day (in the case of ready mixes, stick to the recommended portions by the manufacturer). Unfortunately, the most effective in case of problems with sleep, valerian (goat’s milk) is not suitable for drinking due to its disgusting smell. Then herbal medicines and dietary supplements come to your aid.


Let’s read not only before bedtime! Inspirational stories, motivating tutorials, beautiful words that help us to survive difficult moments – reading relaxes, especially when we deal with texts that help to calm down and fill us with faith in a better tomorrow.