Linode is a specialized cloud hosting provider that is serving 800K+ customers. With its straightforward process, Linode lets you deploy a cloud hosting server in a matter of few seconds.

Launched back in 2003, it is operating in 11 global markets. And when it comes to scalable cloud hosting Linode is surely one of the most considerable choices where you can host small or heavy traffic projects.

However, there are also some limitations that make it not a perfect choice for everyone. For example, Linode is a Linux based cloud hosting provider which means you can host Windows using Linode cloud computing. Furthermore, the company offers only limited support channels which ultimately force users to look for Linode alternative cloud providers that offer various support gateways.

Another reason is their very short refund policy that expires after7-days.

So no matter whatever the reason you have in your mind, if you don’t want to use Linode, fortunately, has shared a list of some good alternatives.


Vultr is known for its simplicity and open environment cloud hosting. Established back in 2014, the company keeps on growing and within such a short period they have deployed over 30m+ instances for their customers. Vultr is one of the cheap but highly reliable cloud hosting providers that offers tons of scalable options.

What makes them stand in this crowded market is the huge infrastructure that spread over the world. When you are going to set up a server, the company offers 17 data choices to choose from. This is greatly helpful for making sure low latency services. Just take the example that if you are going to target the French market then a data center located in Paris will be good for you as the data take less time to travel to the customer.

Another thing that makes it a better choice over Linode is the easy to use control panel. Even if you are a beginner, launching a server is not a problem. After creating the account you can create the instance by selecting some settings like location, server size, and operating system, etc. As soon as you hit the deploy button, the system will spin up your server in almost under 60 seconds.

Vultr offers lots of pre-made cloud computing plans. Starting at $2.50/month, this basic account includes 512 MB RAM, 1 CPU, and 10 GB SSD storage. For traffic, it includes 0.5 TB bandwidth. However, this might not be a good choice if you are seeking smooth performance as resources are pretty limited especially Memory. The minimum plan you should start with cost $5/month which include 1 GB Memory, 1 CPU, 25 GB SSD storage, and 1 TB data transfer.

You may need someone to help you whenever you get into any trouble. Vultr offers 24/7 email ticket support. Although there is no live chat option which is considered as the quick way of getting help but their ticket system is well active to respond to the queries. is an experienced cloud hosting provider that is established in 1994. With their state-of-the-art data centers around the world, the company is helping the users by making complex technologies simple and reliable. offers Cloud, Dedicated, and Managed Services to meet the needs of the small to huge projects. Plus, the add-ons like backups and block storage are also available to use. The included control panel offers you full control over the server. With a one-click application installer, you can deploy applications without going into any complex situation.

If you are searching a competitor for Linode for setting up a Windows server then is a worth looking option. The company support both Windows and Linux operating system. has categorized the plans to make it easy for the selection of the plan. You can pick from General Purpose, Storage Optimized, Memory Optimized, and Compute Optimized plans. Like if you need more RAM then simply go for Memory-optimized plans. For Linux, you can start at $8/month which holds 1 GB RAM, 1 vCPU, 40 GB SSD, and 3 TB data transfer. On the other hand, if want to host Windows then the same plan will cost you $14.5/month. The cost difference between the plans is due to the Windows operating system licensing fee.

The company offers a significant number of data centers located strategically around the world. At the time of selection, you can choose from 7 data centers. So far there is no data center in Asia but the company intends to offer 2 more data centers soon. Amsterdam and Singapore servers are coming soon.

Support services are being offered by the company in multiple ways. Either you can contact them using an Email or Phone call. So with a significant number of data centers, availability of both Windows/Linux server, and reliable quality, it is a worth considerable option.


Not very popular name but surely the worth considering name when looking for reliable and quality-focused cloud hosting provider. It is an ISO certified company for Information Security, Cloud Security, and Privacy Protection. Founded in 2009, CloudSigma provides the fastest way to deploy a server where in just 30 sec you can launch your very own server.

CloudSigma provides more like an open environment that lets you install an operating system of your choice. You can run a Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, or upload your desired operating system.

The reason why you should consider CloudSigma that they put great focus on delivering high-performance services. It is enabled with SSD storage, 10GigE Networking, and KVM based virtualization. CloudSigma is also among the few companies that make you available both SSD and Magnetic storage. You can host the operating system on SSD and other data on Magnetic so as to have a little bit of control over cost.

CloudSigma is spread over 10 data center locations around the world. So whether you want to make use of the US data center or Europe or the Middle East the global availability of data center enables you to host near your targeted audience region.

The company allows you to craft a plan with custom resources. There is a calculator on their website that lets you calculate the cost of your resources. When you want to launch a server just create an account and from the dashboard, you can add the resources and launch the server. The most amazing part, CloudSigma offers a 7-days trial account that requires no credit card which is great if you want a try before buying. CloudSigma shows its generosity by offering a handsome amount of free resources. If you spend $10 or more per month you will get 5 GB SSD, 1 GB RAM, and 5 TB outbound data transfer for free.

CloudSigma offers support services through live chat and email. Live chat is a quick way however keep in mind it is mainly for basic queries. For advanced queries, the company prefers a ticketing system.


Linode is no doubt a good cloud hosting provider however there are some limitations attached to it like support for only Linux operating system and very limited customer support channels. Therefore in such cases, you don’t have to hinder your creativity as there are other good cloud hosting providers that you can use in place of Linode.

Vultr is a fine example which is not only cheap but also offers 17 data center location to choose from. Moreover, they offer a wide range of resources to meet the needs of projects of any size.

However, keep in mind for customer support they only offer ticketing systems and knowledgebase. Although it is pretty simple to use but having quick support channels like live chat will be handier especially for beginners. Unlike Linode, the company supports both Windows and Linux operating systems.