Locksmith Scam Warning Signs That You Need To Know About

Nobody wants to hire a locksmith. However, it is something that is unavoidable. You never know when you could get locked out of your home or lose your car keys. A locksmith is the first call you will need to make. However, how will you know that the professional service provider can be trusted and is not an outright scam? Since there are plenty of companies in the market, you have to make sure that you choose the right one. This post shares some of the top scam warning signs to help ensure that you do not have a bad experience. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start the list.

  1. False Advertising

Most locksmith scams tend to falsely advertise that they have a good Better Business Bureau rating, belong to 1-800-Unlocks or the ALOA. To avoid getting scammed, you should always double check with the ALOA or 1-800-Unlocks. It will help you make sure that the company you hire is listed.

  1. Generic Greetings

If you notice the locksmith company answering their phone as just locksmith service rather than their business name, you should be immediately suspicious. By omitting to mention the company name, chances are that the service might be operating under different aliases. It is crucial that you ask for the legal business name and cross-check it with the Better Business Bureau or any other relevant organization.

  1. Unfamiliar with the Location

If the locksmith service provider is not familiar with your location, it is highly probable that they are a scam. The majority of locksmith scams know that customers want to hire someone from their area and claim that they are from that area even when they are not. You can easily tell if the locksmith is not familiar with the location if they ask for more details.

  1. Service Vehicles

A reputable Commercial locksmith service provider would have a designated fleet of vehicles that would feature license information, logos, and branding. If you notice that the locksmith visits you in a personal vehicle, it is best that you avoid them. It places a huge question on their credibility. You should ask for further proof before you let them come near your home or car.

  1. Identification

The security industry is highly sensitive. It means that professional locksmiths are also at a risk of getting scammed by customers who call to unlock cars that do not belong to them. Hence, a professional locksmith will ask for proof of ownership and identification before helping you out. If the locksmith you hire does not ask for such information, you should start asking them more questions to determine their credibility.

  1. Pricing

A reputable locksmith service provider will provide you with a detailed written estimate. If a locksmith does not provide a clear estimate or an estimate that is not in line with what others have to offer, you should be skeptical.


Make the Right Choice

Security is something that you cannot compromise on. The scam warning signs mentioned in this post will prevent you from becoming a victim of a scam.