More and more people are realizing that moving to Boston can be a great idea. But, what people also realize once they start planning their relocation, is that moving can be expensive. Between hiring a moving company, paying for insurance and packing your possessions, your relocation can end up costing you a fortune. Can, but doesn’t have to. Here we will go over all the things that go into moving to Boston on a budget. Doing them properly and on time will help you avoid moving stress and keep your moving costs to a minimum.

You need to do your research before moving to Boston on a budget.


About Boston

Before moving to Boston, you need to be aware of what you are getting yourself into. Boston is a big city. In fact, it is the most populous city in Massachusetts. And, as it is with every large town, Boston can be quite expensive. For 45m² (480 Sqft) you’ll be paying between $1500 and $2000. Therefore, unless you already have a job waiting for you in Boston, you will need to save up some serious money. Luckily, there are easy ways to find a potential roommate in Boston. Do not expect to find a job for at least six months after moving to Boston. You may be lucky and find one on the first try. But, six months is the average time a person has to wait in order to find work in such a big city.


Prepare for moving to Boston

If you are determined to relocate to Boston and try to make your big city dreams come true, you need to know how to do so without spending a fortune. Now, you can hire full-service movers, like Premium Q Moving and Storage Boston, to deal with your entire relocation. This is usually the safest and the least stressful way to relocate since professional movers will take care of everything. But, it is definitely not the cheapest way. In order to move to Boston and not go over your budget, you need to know how to properly plan the relocation and avoid unnecessary moving costs.


Find Movers

You cannot relocate successfully if you do not hire reliable movers. Some people may think that they can attempt their relocation DIY style. But, once you factor in the stress, the time required to do so, and the necessary skills that you probably do not have, you are much better off finding reliable movers and simply moving with ease. The key thing to keep in mind here is to look for local movers and to be aware of hidden moving costs. Local movers are much more suited to relocate you since they will be considerably cheaper than far away movers simply because it will take them less time to come to your home and to go back to their headquarters. Know that every mover will charge you for both of those trips.

Only by working with competent movers can you expect your relocation to be successful.


Multiple estimates

But, how are you to know if your movers are cheap? Simple. Get as many moving estimates as you can. The more estimates you have the better you will know how much is fair to pay for your relocation. Keep in mind that no moving price is set in stone and that there are numerous factors that go into calculating the cost of your move. When you will relocate is almost as important as where. You need to talk with your potential movers and find out when the cheapest time to move is. Moving during the winter can be twice as cheap as moving during the summer. Information like this will make moving to Boston on a budget reality.


Packing supplies

In order to ensure that your items survive transportation, you will need to pack them. Now, in order to do so properly, you will need to get the necessary packing items. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money on them. Far from it. By visiting your local stores and warehouses you can find free moving boxes. Just make sure to start looking for them at least a month in advance so that the workers have enough time to save you some boxes. For wrapping and padding, you can use your clothing. Use cotton materials to wrap your items in order to protect them from moisture. And, you can use your woolen clothes to pad your fragile items.




The importance of proper packing is often overlooked during a relocation. In order for your movers to do their job without any issues, they need to be able to handle your boxes safely. And the only way to make that a reality is to properly pack them. Make sure to protect your fragile items and to place them in properly sized boxes. Use enough tape to secure your moving boxes so that there is no risk of them opening or ripping while being handled.

Finally, make sure to label your boxes for fragile and heavy content. Too many relocations have been ruined simply because a mover didn’t realize that the box they were handling had fragile items in it.

It is hard to overstate how important it is to properly pack your moving boxes.




Moving day

How much your movers will have to do, in regards to your relocation, is dependent on you. The cheapest way is to have them do as little as possible. This often means loading packed boxes, transporting them and unloading them. That means that you will have to take care of the rest. Make sure to get in shape for the move ahead so that you can sustain the physical strain associated with relocation. You will probably have to help out with transporting and loading boxes and heavy items. And in order to do so successfully and avoid moving injuries, you will have to be in good physical shape.