Having the safety and health of its players in mind, the NBA has been reported to release an updated resting policy for the 2020/22 NBA season which will be prohibiting players from resting healthy players in any high-profile televised games, this is according to Yahoo Sports’ reporter Chris Haynes.

Violating this new policy will end up with a fine of $100,000 being imposed on whoever violated this policy. Online casino south africa have formerly talked about a new policy change in the league but didn’t predict a change in the resting rule.

Furthermore, Yahoo Sports confirmed that unless unusual circumstances occurred, the franchises should not be resting up multiple healthy players in the same game and the healthy player should not be rested when on the road.

The NBA’s new policy was announced to the public just as those dancing in and around the sport are set against clubs using load management an increasing amount in the past few years, this is a policy brought to life back in 2017.

Last season back in November, the NBA released a memo for the teams prohibiting them from sidelining healthy players in high-profile nationwide televised games, and the only time healthy players should be rested is a home game being broadcasted on local television.

If the team wants to rest any healthy player in a game that falls under the resting policy of the NBA, the team will need to call the league office 48 hours before the start of the game.

Last year, the NBA was reported to have entered discussions with its broadcast partners for the possibility of removing scheduled national TV games that have been plighted with injuries and poor performance.

Earlier this month, the prolific league dropped the first half of the 2020/22 season schedule games. The season will start on December 22, with Brooklyn Nets hosting the Warriors while the Los Angeles Lakers are going against rivals Clippers.

In other news, Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green and James Wiseman have been sidelined after testing positive for coronavirus.

Earlier this month, head coach Steve Kerr took to the media to confirm that two players in his team have been tested positive for the virus and failed to mention their names. And now, he also confirmed that the duo are the only player to miss practice on Day 1 of the training camp on Monday.

On Monday, Kerr said via Zoom with reporters that he won’t be explaining further what Wiseman and Green are doing at the moment. He also told the reporters to figure it out on their own as jeux casino predicted the result currently happening.

Speaking on Zoom, Kerr said: “I’m not allowed to comment. You can make your own deductions. I know it’s really tricky.”

About Green, he added: “When he’s ready to go he’ll be out there. I’m not worried about Draymond.”