Block Areas is an experimental plugin the main idea of introducing which is to see how Gutenberg blocks can be used on a sitewide level.


What is this plugin all about exactly? 

To put it simply, this is a very simple method to define block areas and to use the editor outside of the content you are about to post.


How does it work? 

The first thing you need to do is to activate the plugin. Having done that, you will be able to create edit block areas under the title Appearance > Block Areas. If you want to print a particular block area, here is how to do it: block_areas ( ) – >render ($slug ) (e.g. block_areas ( ) – >render( ‘header’ )). If you need tips for learning how to use this plugin, additional information can be found on the WordPress website. What is more, there is a FAQ section where you will most likely find answers to all those questions you have.


How to install this plugin? 

First, you need to upload a folder called ‘Block Areas’. Then, simply activate it using the menu called Plugins. That’s it!


I have a rather specific blog/website. Will this plugin be useful for me? 

The plugin will come in handy to anyone who has been searching for an option to edit content throughout the whole website. In case you are familiar with Gutenberg, you will see how useful this plugin is right away.


Any examples? 

Sure. Imagine you have a website dedicated to the issue of education or a resource where you explain how an average student can deal with a certain academy, university or college academic writing task. Perhaps, you are a teacher who runs a blog that offers criminal justice homework help to students. Using this plugin will make the process of editing materials on academicexperts criminal justice homework much simpler. In other words, it will take less time. If you need to change the title or the header on pages dealing with the topic of criminal justice homework, using Block Areas plugin will allow you to edit content on all pages simultaneously. Thus, you will not have to visit and edit every single criminal justice homework article or blog post separately.

If you have a resource that is aimed at helping students with their criminal justice homework assignments, you probably do it in your free time. No matter how determined you are to provide high-quality criminal justice homework help, you do not always have an opportunity to update it regularly, not to mention the fact that you obviously lack time to edit your blog or website. With the implementation of Block Areas plugin, the process of editing content related to such topic as criminal justice homework help will get much easier.

What is important to highlight is that the implementation of Block Areas plugin is currently at the experimental stage. Yet, the idea is to introduce a single approach to reusable content in WordPress. Thus, this plugin presents tons of new opportunities in regards to different methods of working with content on the website or blog. What is more, it is a completely new approach to editing content throughout the whole website. As a result, plugin developers get the opportunity to create a completely new type of blocks for WordPress. All in all, checking it out is definitely worth it. Perhaps, it is that kind of additional instrument you have been waiting for. Every plugin is aimed at making the life of a website owner or SEO specialist easier. Surely, you want everything to work perfectly. You need your content to be displayed correctly on the website as well. New features and WordPress plugins are aimed at helping you spend less time creating the website using WordPress or at least making the majority of processes more automatic.