Nothing feels so sad and hard to do like telling someone you once fell in love with that it’s over.  You fumble around trying to recite the phrases in your head, and also thinking of when and how you will say it to him or her in the most loving and gentle manner without giving then a heart attack.

So if you lack the courage to face the person, look them in the face eyeball to eyeball and tell them that its over well you’ve got only one other option my friend write a damn letter don’t send a text that’s terrible.

So here are a few things to consider when writing a breakup letter.

You should choose your words wisely. Ensure that it is coming from you and written in your own words. The goal is to reduce the potential shock to your partner as much as you can. You do not want the message to feel like a dagger through the heart, do you? Be compassionate about the situation when revealing the truth. Tell him/her that breaking up is the best option for the both of you and that you can still be friends.

Be honest when explaining the details of why the both of you need to end the relationship. Discuss the main issues concerned and be careful about the things that could potentially hurt him/her more. Write the straight truth that your feelings have been really hurt and there is no other solution but to end it. Try not to be cruel in your words. Be true and do not mention someone has cast a break up spell on your couple. You may also bold or underline important points so that they will effectively get the message. But do not write it in Caps.



Here’s a sample of what your letter should look like:


Dear John/Mary

When I first saw you never in my wildest imagination would I have thought a day like this would come? Our relationship has been a total mess this past couple of months and I figured there is nothing I can do to salvage the situation other than parting ways with you. I know it wasn’t part of our plan but it’s obvious that things change.

I have made up my mind to move on, it hurts deeply that all the good times we shared couldn’t be continued as it has finally come to an end. You’re the one I will never forget, moments we shared were special, everything we did was from the heart, but it’s sad that at some point everything changed. I still can’t trace the origin of this dilemma but I think is best to quit before further damage is done.

I wish you the best life has to offer and we can still be friends. (Smile and cry emoticons together)

Good Bye.

Yours Truly.



Now that’s how you do it folks.