Quantum Physics and Subtle Energy Science Make High Tech Alchemy Apps

Do you want to mix different programs to create a custom formulation? Are you looking for a way to combine sacred substance energy, spiritual relics, energy psychology, herbs, sacred geometry, and the like? Then, you need to learn more about iBlissnow Energy Research and Development as it allows you to take advantage of quantum physics, subtle energy science, music, and technology to reach an elevated state of consciousness. If you have felt that something has been holding you back from achieving your true potential, then, you need to use iBlissnow as it will help you to reach an advanced altered state unlike anything you could possibly imagine.

Creates a Unique Playlist

With iBlissnow, a unique playlist is created which consists of your music and energetic substances. The software program is known as the Energy Jukebox. It is just what you need for a more positive and energetic day. Subtle energy science is used in the mood enhancement APPs. You can also use your headphones for an even more powerful experience.

Digital Sound Therapy

When you use iBlissnow, you get to try their digital sound therapy which uses different sound frequencies and powerful mood altering images to experience higher consciousness. IBlissnow is the only software company out there that has managed to utilize quantum physics and subtle energy science through 15 years of research in Quantum Physics labs and Micro Vibratory as well as 40 years of research in Sacred Geometry and Egyptian Temple Science. The High Tech Alchemy apps provided by iBlissnow are created using an art Quantum Super Computer.

Tap Into Inner Peace

If you have been feeling stressed out lately and want to experience inner peace, then, there is no way to do so than by trying out the High Tech Alchemy apps by iBlissnow. When you use the apps, you will be able to not only tap into inner peace, but also joy and ecstasy. It is extremely easy to achieve such a state using the High Tech Alchemy apps. About iBlissnow’s Science is an awesome resource for learning more about the different apps that utilize technology and subtle energy science for mood enhancement. What is experienced energetically is just the energy that is felt with original substance. Not only are frequencies used which represent the substance, but all gross and subtle qualities as well as the nuances are represented from the original substance. Everything is completely intact and undistorted. The substance and energy are 100 percent identical. They are copied and then mega amplified for use. However, the amplification factor is lowered in order for the product to be safely used without one experiencing any type of mental distortion or hallucinations. You will only experience clean and smooth energy as it builds before the peak experience. After, it will feel similar to micro dosing. There are some people which refer to it as an energetic smart pill, while others call it a blissful state. It is up to you what you want to call it.

No headphones are required for the play back process and it can be done on the computer, mobile device, and on the MP3 player using headphones. Continuous energetic stimulation is possible when you carry your mobile device in your pocket silently. Adjust the volume control and taste according to what suits you best, it will allow you to manage the intensity of the experience. The tone controls can be used for creating favorite settings.

On the other hand, large speakers can also be connected to truly enjoy the energetic apps. You do not need a video monitor. However, a TV or large screen monitor can be connected for a greater experience. The sounds that one would only hear on the majority of the High Tech Alchemy apps are nature sounds like waterfalls, babbling brooks, ocean waves, etc.

Great for Therapy, Workshops, Concerts, & Parties

It does not matter where you might be located in the room as you will always receive the same mega amplified substance energies. It all depends on how high you want to turn the volume. The High Tech Alchemy Apps are perfect for therapy, workshops, concerts and parties. They are ideal for team building experiences and group bonding. The best thing about the High Tech Alchemy Apps is the fact that there is no repetitive music and no any annoying frequencies which might be considered a distraction from the enhanced state or an artifact. Once again, it is not necessary for headphones to be used.

Micro Digitization

IBlissnow is creative software which had been created in a Quantum Physics Lab. It is not a recording studio unlike most of its competitors but is a place where most of the research had been conducted into various areas. A psychoactive sample substance is taken in the process such as magic mushrooms (champignon magique in french) and the process of micro digitization helps captures the exact same energetic signatures, bio field, or energetic blueprint. Once it has been mega-amplified and subtle print is made for a distortion free experience, users get to experience an elated state like none other. The energy file gets encoded into an electronic medium such as images, sound, and video for use. As the energized program gets placed, the video amps, JPEG, and audio will be played to further amplify the psychoactive energy and a pulsed digital substance field would take root from the MD, computer, monitor, headphones or speakers. The process helps create a completely expanded bio-active energetic vital field.

Best Experience

If you want to experience something that is out of this world, then, you need to use the High Tech Alchemy apps offered by iBlissnow. The apps have been made after continuous research and they offer something that is not available in the market. When you sue the High Tech Alchemy apps, you will be transported to a completely different world which will help ease all your worries and you will achieve a state of complete ecstasy.