The Benefits of Geofencing for Your Security Guard Services

Geofencing is a border that has no walls, chain links or barbed wire. A virtual fence, geofencing uses GPS technology to provide surveillance of a certain area. A geofence can be used to track objects that leave or enter a specific boundary. It can be used to watch the movement of people in and out of the perimeter. It is a gamechanger and a must-have for security guard services.

Geofencing monitors unauthorized movement

Whether its products or people, geofencing can monitor activity in the area. Surveillance can be conducted in wide areas, including outdoors. In the past, businesses may have needed to build fences and install guard posts or card scanners. Geofencing can be used in conjunction with these methods for an even more secure perimeter. It can also be used in place of a physical fence if one isn’t already in place. Geofencing is particularly useful if you have contracted, outside employees entering your location.

Geofencing tracks down lost or stolen items

Valuable items can be tracked with geofencing. An alert is created any time a person or object exits the chosen perimeter. If used in conjunction with geo-tracking, the item can be followed to its new location with ease. Larger items, like vehicles and construction equipment, can be monitors through geofencing without the additional need of geo-tracking codes.

Employee movement is easily tracked

Any employee with a smartphone can be tracked while they are on your job site. Every time they enter and exit the perimeter they can be tracked with a simple app. This is beneficial for their security as well as yours. This type of security can be used at schools, hospitals, construction sites or any place that has a large number of people coming and going. Geofencing can also alert when a person enters an area without the active app on their phones.

Multiple locations can be monitored

You may think of geofencing as one specific area. While it is true that you can increase security guard services in one area, geofencing allows you to have multiple areas with excellent surveillance. The number of spots that can be covered is rarely limited. If you have multiple locations that need to have a watchful eye, geofencing can relieve the headache for you.

Geofencing is mobile friendly

You want to keep up with the surveillance activity. Geofencing allows you to do just that. You may hire security guards to keep your area safe, but you can also have personal control of the location with an app. Keep the geofencing app on your phone so you can check in whenever and wherever you want. You can also share the app with trusted managers and human resources personnel.

Geofencing cannot replace a physical presence

Geofencing offers a great many benefits. However, the downside is that you do not have a physical body on-site to intervene when problems occur. Combining geofencing with mobile patrol offers the best of both worlds. You can have complete security at all of your locations. The utmost in safety goes even further. Add security cameras to entrances and any hidden areas. Parking enforcement keeps open and covered parking areas secure. You can even offer security training to your staff to make sure everyone and everything in your employ stays safe and free from harm.