Have you just sent your youngest child off to university? Are you moving to a smaller home? Then, it is the perfect time to consider self storage. There are many advantages of living in a smaller home such as lower property taxes and less time required for cleaning. However, you cannot just throw away all of your belongings. This is why you should give Storage Manchester a try as they are the best self storage company in the region. You will get a reasonable storage unit to store all of the items you do not use but simply cannot throw away. There are countless benefits of using self storage.But, if you want to make the most of these benefits, you need to follow the top tips for using self storage as mentioned in this post to ensure that your belongings are safe and the unit is organized.

Finding storage is a good thing but how to use it is a different issue all together. Storage units are a perfect solution for your stuffed home or office. It’s a place to keep extra inventory and family souvenirs. However, utilizing the space in the storage is quite a challenge, you need to arrange and stack up items to fit the limited space.  To do this one requires a well-space self storage units which can take all the items and also leave some space for more. Utilize the celling by stacking some heavy and firm clutter. The space above can hold more items creating space on the floor.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on to learn the top tips for using self storage.

Use Dryer Sheets

If it is your first time using self storage, then, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is that there is always a possibility of pests such as rats, moths, and spiders getting into your belongings. Pests can easily wreak havoc to all your belongings. One of the most effective ways to repel pests is by using dryer sheets. All you need to do is place them inside the boxes and the corners of the unit. Their smell will help keep unwanted pests at bay while leaving the belongings in perfect condition and smelling nice and fresh. However, the dryer sheets will need to be replaced every month for effective results. But, this problem can be easily avoided in the first place when you hire a Storage unit which is free from pests.

Stack Items to the Ceiling

If you are renting storage units, it is important that you maximize the space. The smaller storage space used the more you can save. To best utilize the space, it is important that you fit all of the belongings in vertically. Stack all the boxes on top of one another until the ceiling has been reached. A shelving unit is also a great alternative if you are worried about too much weight being placed on the bottom boxes.

Protect the Valuables

It is common for people to not take any extra precautions when packing their storage. However, it is important that you protect your belongings. Since all of the belongings are simply sitting there in the storage unit, you should consider protecting all the valuables. Chances are that you will stack the boxes and move them from time to time to dig through the unit. It could result in something breaking. To avoid fragile items from breaking, it is best that you wrap them with bubble wrap to make sure that they stay intact.

Label Boxes

When moving to a new home, the first thing that you will find yourself doing is labeling all of the packed boxes. The same should be done with the self storage boxes. Make sure to label all of the boxes and do not just write “living room things”. Instead, it is important that you label the major components of each box in order to avoid having to go through each box just to find something. Thus, you would know what is in each box without having to open it.

Disassemble What Is Possible

If you have a TV stand or large table going in the storage unit, it could easily take up a lot room. This is why you should consider disassembling the item to better utilize the space. Pack the pieces together and store the screws in a bag. It will help you save a ton of space in the storage unit which can be used for storing more unnecessary items.

Use up All the Space

Since not every large item can be disassembled and stored, many items such as the garbage cans, hitches, and dressers would have to stay intact. However, it does not mean that you cannot utilize the space. You should take advantage of all the empty space that the items have to offer and store fragile items in them.

Prepare an Aisle

Preparing an aisle will help ensure that you do not throw in all of the boxes and items into the storage unit when the time comes for storing things. Avoid being tempted to throw everything in by planning an aisle in a coordinated manner. All of the belongings should be placed in an order.

Ensure That Everything Is Dry

One of the worst mistakes that you could possibly make when storing items in the storage item is leaving items that are wet. Although the storage facility takes effective measures to make sure that there is no leaky roof, you should still be careful. Since it is common for refrigerators and dishwashers to hold water inside, it is vital that you drain out all of the water from the dishwasher and defrost the refrigerator before they are stored.

Use Vacuum Seal Bags

Finally, you should use vacuum seal bags. Now that you already have an idea about how you can keep pests away and keep moisture, you should also know that vacuum sealed bags are your best option. Some of the items that should be packed in a vacuum sealed bag include clothing items like pillows, bedding, blankets, and drapes. The vacuum sealed bag will help protect the items from pests and moisture. It will also help you save a great deal of space.


From using dryer sheets to vacuum seal bags, the top tips for using self storage as mentioned in this post will help ensure that all of items are safely stored in the storage unit in the best way possible. Make sure that you follow each tip for the best results. Moreover, you should always choose a reliable storage unit service.