It’s been well known that the arrival of artificial intelligence (AI) has fundamentally brought change to all industries, even those that seemed to undergo technological evolution unlikely. Some industries have been completely transformed by AI, while others have only started exploring what AI can do. Above all, AI has enabled the automation of most manual tasks. For the transcription sector, the true value of Artificial Intelligence technology has allowed most business professionals to work smarter, instead of working harder.


AI handles the entire repetitive task involved in transcription, thus giving business owners more time to focus on critical tasks that will generate more income and revenue.  In particular, the evolution of transcription has come a long way from the popular manual processes that were used in the industry. Technological developments in AI speech-to-text technology are being applied to elevate this industry to greater heights.


Benefits of AI Transcription for Business


Below are the top 5 benefits business owners will gain from using AI transcription services to transcribe their recorded meetings, notes, webinar lectures, etc:


Saves time

Business owners know how valuable time is. As a result, they are always looking for ways to increase efficiency in their record keeping and service delivery. Using an Artificial Intelligence powered transcription solution will automate most of the notoriously tedious process, giving business owners better turnaround times compared to recording and transcribing audios manually. AI helps the business owner to keep records of crucial information faster, which maximizes productivity.


Reduces costs

Using Artificial intelligence backed transcription systems has helped business owners to save money by eliminating the cost of outsourcing transcription services. Apart from being cheaper to use AI to automate transcription tasks, business owners also get more time to focus on more lucrative tasks that generate more revenue for their companies.


99% accuracy

The business industry requires the most accurate levels of transcription, as these crucial records often have the power to make a claim in case of any need. The secret to accuracy lies in the technology used in transcription. AI-based transcription solutions are trained to understand specific business terms so that these terms are easily recognized during transcription. This enables AI transcription systems to give a highly accurate technical output that can be used by any business professional.



An AI-based transcription solution offers business owners more customization opportunities to suit their exact needs. These robust transcription platforms are compatible with various on-demand audio templates, allowing business owners to immediately download their completed files in a format that complies with their requirements. In addition, audio to text converter online has a user-friendly interface and can be used anytime, regardless of the time differences or traditional business hours.



We all know that security is vital when it comes to handling sensitive business information. AI-based transcription systems will ensure that your files and data are safe from those who don’t have permission to view them. The advanced AI solution will not only apply algorithms when doing the transcription work but will also guarantee the confidentiality of your information. In addition, keeping hard copies and audio files is bulky and has the potential of getting tampered with or even going missing, situations that are less likely to happen if you use our digital files.


Why Audext is good for transcription

Audext is a general transcription services company that provides speech to text services and solutions to business owners. Most of their clients use our AI transcription services for a wide range of professions and industries – from business, media, finance, academic, legal users to government departments, technology start-ups, among other corporate companies.


Their AI based transcription software can convert audio file to text a wide variety of audio recordings. These include legal disputes, dictations, court cases, focus group research and findings, disciplinary hearings, and interviews from the media.


We also transcribe general research, medical research, teleconferencing discussions, police cases, business meetings, private investigations, financial reports, insurance reports, marketing research and strategies, podcasts, university lectures, academic thesis, as well as religious sermons. Software to transcribe audio to text can also recognize multiple speakers which are very vital when it comes to attributing each piece of texts to the correct speaker in the audio.


Transcribe audio to text software also provides timestamps for each transcribed word a feature that significantly increases the ability to search for a record. Moreover, their system has a smart way of adding appropriate punctuation marks to the text as it transcribes. This contributes to giving out an intelligible output that can be used easily without extra edits.  After transcription is done, a user can edit the transcribed text using the editor on the website, and each word would be tied up to the exact audio moment – when you click on the word audio will play from this moment.


The system can also identify speakers and structure the transcription text according to the speech of speakers.  Unfortunately, their system doesn’t transcribe video files and doesn’t convert word/text to audio. It’s also not a generator, and cannot transcribe audio with lots of background Noise – such as music.



The beauty of using a speech-to-text app is that you have the freedom of dictating and transcribing anywhere you are. It doesn’t matter whether you commute using a car, by bus, the subway, or simply walking, an AI-based solution will always give you the freedom of quickly recording your to-do list for the day using their user-friendly interface. An AI-based transcriptions system will give you the perfect transcription output of your record ideas and to-dos by the time you reach your destination.



With an AI-based transcription system, recording and transcribe your interviews and meetings, is as simple as putting your phone on the table, launching the software and pressing record. Recording and transcribing your multi-speaker interviews, meetings, focus groups, and conferences allows your brain to focus and participate in a conversation at hand, instead of thinking about how youll get all the information later. Artificial intelligence ensures that audio transcripts are expertly-transcribed, making it easy to track every detail of your meetings and interviews


Why Audext Is the Most Efficient and Convenient Service

Some key reasons that make Audext the most convenient and efficient AI based transcription service include:


  • Audext gives accurate transcripts that suit your budget.
  • Audext has a user-friendly interface that easies for anyone to navigate
  • Audext can transcribe any audio file as long as it’s clear with minimal no background noise.

Audext uses an AI based software that’s trained to suit all your business needs. Using Audext will ensure your data and files doesn’t fall in the wrong hands.  Using Audext transcription services will save your resources and time, which can be used in growing your business.   Managing audio recordings is very cumbersome compared to managing a Word document. This is because audios require more time to process and extract information.


Transcribing audios using the traditional manual transcription services is very laborious and time-consuming. This leads to a delay in getting the text output and extra labor charges for the transcribers.  That’s why AI based transcription services e.g. Audext, are the best solutions for business owners who need fast, secure and accurate methods of converting multimedia into the text as well as significantly cutting on the cost.