Strengthen Your Sales Process by Syncing Your Cloud Apps

With competition in the business world showing no signs of slowing down, it pays to keep up with the latest technology if you’re to remain relevant and continue growing your reach and profits. You can achieve this by constantly modifying your business’ infrastructure and approach in sync with the ever-changing technological terrain.

A good place to start is to leverage the power of cloud apps to enhance how you sell and reach your customers. With hundreds of these apps now available on the market, and more still being developed, it is time to adopt several useful ones to enable you automate your sales process for improved results.

Here, we explain six ways in which syncing cloud apps helps you strengthen your business’ sales process.

Eliminate duplication of business data and processes

Duplication of business processes and data highly limits business productivity by increasing data storage and management costs. It also amplifies the possibility of errors generation in business data handling.

You can easily prevent this by adding and syncing cloud apps that allow you to view and manage your business data and operations from a central point. As a result, you’re able to cut down on your management costs while your taskforce can focus on improving more important areas including the sales process.

Track your sales data in real time

By syncing your cloud apps, you’re able to access all your sales data in real time using different devices from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. This is key in helping you identify and take sales opportunities the moment they arise, and also offer timely support to your customers.

Conduct more accurate business forecasting

Syncing cloud apps for your sales and order management provides insight into both the demand and volume levels. This automates and eases procurement, scheduling, planning, and production processes. Further, syncing business apps simplifies resource and inventory control via analytics to enable you to assess market profitability – a key factor in making more informed business decisions and forecasting.

Lower your investment costs

In most cases, stand-alone cloud apps come with complex setup guidelines and have costly maintenance demands. This can quickly escalate your production costs and limit the resources that go to your sales process. Couple this with the cost of buying these apps and your accumulative costs can get out of hand quite easily.

To save on money and management costs, start syncing cloud-based business apps where you pay for the tools you need through a predictable subscription. Using this strategy also, you get an option to upgrade to premium or higher app suites as your business expands.

Optimize data security

Let’s face it, a loss of or compromise in your business data can have a detrimental effect on your business operations, and particularly on key areas like your sales process. The good thing is that you can minimize this risk by using only reputable tools and apps to manage various tasks in your business. Further, you can sync your apps using platforms like Piesync which come with further security checks to boost the overall safety of your vital business data

Improve collaboration

When syncing your business apps, you can choose to merge the operations of various top tools including your customer relationship management (CRM) software, ERP, inventory, and order management software among others. With this kind of integration, communication between executives, employees, and customers becomes quicker and more organized. This helps to improve interactions between team members, enables you to close business deals faster, and also enhances customer support.

As if that is not enough, syncing of data from different apps helps to facilitate easier access to key information by different team members. This enables field operatives to work collaboratively on the same project, thereby making it possible to hit sales and other business objectives in a fraction of the time.


Are you finding it difficult optimizing your sales process and meeting your business profit targets? Chances are high that you are not getting the most out of your tools and apps by failing to sync their data. Coming with so many benefits as seen in our post today, it’s a no-brainer that this is a strategy worth trying out.

Enjoy better collaborations, quicker data tracking and response times, and increased security of business information when you sync your cloud apps and tools. All these are key factors that play a central role in determining whether your sales process succeeds or not.