Whether you have to fly to New York for a conference or attend a PR event off the coast, practicing how to enjoy your business travels away from home is essential for several reasons. One of these being – it means you can live in the moment and enjoy your time in your luxury furnished apartment in Chicago away from your usual way of life. You will meet new people, experience new cultures, and may even be able to take a few exciting stories back home with you. This could be your first trip away from your abode or even one of many business trips you’ve experienced. Either way, you want to add happiness to your agenda, and the advice below can help you do just that. For any journey you take, with a little preparation and planning, you can accomplish enjoyment!



Before you start throwing any old clothes into your case, step away from the case, and only prep what you are likely to wear. This will save you from forgetting the things you really need. With this in mind, be sure to think about packing attire for different occasions and weather too. On the other hand, overpacking and taking too much luggage will only send you on a one way trip to stressville. Because no one wants to have to keep track of 100 bags at the airport while trying to dig out their passport and essential documents. And so, to set yourself up for an enjoyable trip, lay out everything you need, and then strategically pack it into the smallest suitcase you have. By packing smarter and lighter, you are removing stress and making room for an enjoyable trip.



Before you set off, plan to meet up with any family or friends you know that live in the area you are heading to. Traveling for a business trip and being amongst new people is daunting. Even more so when you’re on your own. Plus traveling away is an excellent excuse for you to connect with people you wouldn’t usually see, in turn, adding excitement and something to look forward to on your voyage.



If you have the option to choose where you want to stay on your business trip, take your time to search for somewhere that has the facilities and home comforts you need. For instance, if a hotel room seems too small for your liking, you could consider a furnished apartment. We all want somewhere relaxing, safe, homely and perhaps even luxurious to return to after a long day of networking and attending important meetings. Choosing where you stay wisely could add some much-needed happiness to your trip.



You more than likely have a routine in place at the moment that you abide by every day. For instance, you might make healthy lunches the night before work, rise at 7 am every day and take a jog to the local park to spark your energy for the day ahead. When you’re on your trip, try not to deviate from your regular routine. It’s easy on a business trip to throw your regime out the window, such as your diet and exercise. But it’s crucial for you to stick by this when you’re away from home. In doing so, your trip will be more fulfilling. Healthy habits and stability are what keep you energetic and happy, and thus diminishing them all of a sudden could be detrimental to enjoyment on your trip.



Make time to see the area you’re temporarily living in and explore. Each and every place has a history of some kind and points of interest worth viewing. Being inquisitive about an area could lead you to monuments and paths you never knew existed, areas that take you by surprise or even inspire you. If you have loved ones back home, share the moment by taking pictures.


Phone Home

There’s nothing much more comforting than a phone call home when you’re away. With technology such as Facetime and Skype at your fingertips, it’s easy for you to not only speak to but see your family/partner, and friends. This should be enough to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step when you start to miss your home life.

Any business trip you take is what you make it. Whether you are traveling to a neighboring city, or across the world, by using the tips and tricks above you can make any trip enjoyable.