Portfolio website is crucial tool if you want to get more traffic and more business. It also helps in building professional brand which will make business more popular. In today’s high-tech world, having a portfolio is much important no matter in whichever industry you are working. No matter whether you are running small or large scale business, a portfolio web designis very powerful and have great affect on business.

Web design portfolio is highly important especially if you are working in designing or developing company or is simply part of any agency. The main benefit of having an online portfolio is that, it gives prospective client and makes things more sensible. This will help out customers in understanding different things.

Elements for great portfolio website

Design for audience – One of the main elements to have great website portfolio is design for audience. According to famous web designers, the portfolio design must reflect your business and work and also share similar feel and look like rest of your website. Continuity is essential in different areas of website especially for keeping users aware that they are on same site and page which they have accessed earlier. Not only this, it is important that portfolio design do not overpower work or take away which is being showcased. Use typefaces, design and colors to connect with target audience.

Modify templatesThere are so many things you can do with web design like changing fonts, content and modifying existing template. There are loads and loads of web templates available for free of cost and meant for building new web pages. So, you must choose an effective template as without modification you will not be able to have good portfolio. In fact, by using different templates you will have more and better ideas. Always pick simple template to give good starting and then include in your web design project.

Keep things fresh – Crafting extremely good and best portfolio is much similar to gardening. This is because in garden pruning is necessary to remove pieces that you don’t want to have in to make your work look good. In the same way, you must make sure that content should be fresh and try to add something new, not only this look for more opportunities that will be beneficial for web design and development. You must work on new projects every time, as by doing this you are not only giving work to client but potentially creating new piece of web design portfolio. In case, if project is not motivating still assure that you are providing quality work. Through this way, you will have easy landing gigs and earn better pay.

Keep website quick – Any person at average wait for three seconds or less than that for any page or website to load before closing website or abandoning altogether. That’s why, it become much important to choose suitable and effective hosting package which allows fast speed for page load as it is crucial for success of any website or webpage. You must choose this carefully, because every web hosting service provider is not same.

Give link for live website – Another thing that you must keep in mind is giving link for live and original website. Most of the creatives share live website link and in case, if you will not show live then client will start thinking whether project is real or not. You must do this after all you are a brand and logo and moreover if you are an icon designer then always include icons where it is used.

Easy to navigate portfolio – If you are planning how to create web design portfolio, then keep in mind it should be easy in navigation and use. Creating different categories and then dividing your work accordingly make work easier for any person browsing a portfolio website. This is the most important aspect to understand business portfolio. So, before you create free portfolio try to visit other sites portfolio to see both bad and good points and there you will find different categories which are meant for classifying work. Play with romantic and whimsical fonts to have more fun.

Quality matters not quantity – Your business will last as long as you will remain good. A user always view one or may be two projects, so you must have some best work uploaded on website. Your work will help in getting high profile projects which are worth investing and highlighting. Your website portfolio should be served best to show breath of your business so that more and more people click and consider your web design layout and presentation.

If planning to launch a new website, then you must take out some time and have web design portfolio. This will be really helpful and make aware about different things.