Top 10 Tips to Master Event Photography and Videography

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Event photography and videography are two things which go hand in hand. The mastery of both can lead to great video production which would lead to increased revenue, improved brand image and customer loyalty. If you follow the right tips, you could be an amazing event planner. Follow the below tips to master the craft of event photography and videography. Capture photos and videos which captivate.


What is Event Photography and Videography?

There are different purposes of event photography and videography depending on the needs of the customers. The main goal of it is to record an experience which people who hadn’t been a part of could watch and become a part of. Event photography and videography is used for various events such as weddings, parties, annual meetings and others. Videos and photos are highly engaging and shareable. With the rights tips and methods, you will be able to create videos and photos that stand out.


Tip 1: Plan

The first and foremost thing which videographers and photographers need to keep is mind is the importance of planning. Event photography and videography requires a great amount of planning in order to formulate the vision of the client in your strategy. Every single detail needs to be planned such as how long the video should be created for, which parts of the events are most important to be highlighted and the people which need to be in the video.

Tip 2: Get the Right Event Equipment

Equipment is the most essential part of capturing excellent photos and videos. Get the best event photography/ videography camera to meet the needs of the client. It is possible that you might need several cameras, lighting setups and microphones depending on the event. However, if you aren’t a professional photography, then you might want to consider hiring one of the best experienced event photographers out there. It could lead to a real difference in the quality of the photos and videos captured. An experienced photographer is skilled in capturing photos and videos. While on the other hand, also being an expert in video editing techniques which could make a huge difference in the result.


Tip 3: Be Prepared for Editing

Photo and video editing brings all of the footage together and turns it into a true master piece. In order to master event photography and videography, editing is a perquisite. Create footage which the editor will be able to work on. The more footage you provide, the better the chances of high-quality editing. Another thing which one needs to keep in mind regarding editing is the period that is involved in editing. According to the video production company Millennial Studios, it takes more time to edit than to capture.


Tip 4: Lighting is Key

It cannot be emphasized enough, just how important lighting is. If you aren’t working in the sun or in a well-lit indoor environment then you need to prepare for lighting setup. Depending on where the event is, the time of the day and existing lighting, the right lighting will be used.  Take as much advantage of lighting as possible.


Tip 5: Ensure that the Viewer Does Not Get Dizzy

The action and movement of the recording plays a huge role in the result. It needs to be done in such a way so as to create a sense of activity for viewers. The video needs to be stable and not shaky. If the video is not stable, it would result in viewers getting dizzy when watching the video. This is why, it is important to have an experienced videographer to handle the movement of the camera.


Tip 6: Expect the Best, Be Prepared for the Worst

Now, even though the best case scenario should be expected, it is still possible for things to go wrong. It is due to this reason that in order to master event photography and videography, one should always be prepared for the worst case scenario. Plan for backups in case things don’t go as planned, tech disasters could happen. Have backup cameras, lighting and equipment with you.


Tip 7: Focus on Sound Quality

An important part of the video is the quality of sound. It is just as important as the video definition. If you plan to record any sound at the event, then you need to have microphones in place. Additionally, an audio specialist can be hired to edit the sound.


Tip 8: Set the White Balance

The white balance is an important part of recording the event. In order to create sharp results, all of the video cameras should have the best white balance. Do not make the mistake of setting the white balance to automatic as it would not work out well for a live event.


Tip 9: Manage the Expectations of Clients

It is equally important to manage the expectations of clients. Engage in an open dialogue with clients in order to understand what they are exactly looking for and make them see your perspective at the same time. This will also lead to the creation of the best shots. Miscommunication is a common occurrence. Therefore, make sure to go through all the details with the client.


Tip 10: Arrive Early

The best way to master event photography and videography is by arriving early. When you arrive early at the event location, it helps you set up all of the equipment in place in order to capture amazing videos. Punctuality also shows clients, the seriousness that you have towards your craft. Furthermore, it is possible that changes might have to be made, once you arrive at the location. Therefore, when you arrive early, you will be able to make changes before guests arrive.



Event photography and videography is an art. It takes practice in order to master it. Following the above top 10 tips will help you capture photos and videos which captivate viewers. Dedication to your craft is vital to creating stunning results. Understand what your client wants early on.


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