Top 5 Women Shapewear Bodysuit of 2020 Reviews

Everyone is raving about shapewear! And for good reason, because body shapers will change your body entirely and the way you feel about yourself too!

Some of the best shapewear on the market you will find at Sculptshe, an international online store with the purpose to make all women look and feel beautiful and confident. They have all you need to reshape your body and get closer to the perfect silhouette.

Here are the best 5 women shapewear bodysuits from Sculptshe for 2020, each with a different role in shaping your body.


  1. The full bodysuit

Is one of the best shapewear bodysuits and the perfect choice if you want to remodel your entire body. This fantastic shapewear item will make your waist smaller, your abdomen flat, it will lift up your breasts and butt and even make your thighs smaller. And is so comfortable that you won’t even know that you are wearing it!

It has an easy on easy off front zipper with hoops which makes it super easy to dress. The wide straps are adjustable, while the bust area is very elastic so you won’t have to worry if you have a larger bust!

  1. The bodysuit with open bust

This bodysuit is perfect if you don’t need a bust lift or you are afraid that a full bodysuit will compress your bust. It will smooth out all the fat and enhance your curves so that you can look fantastic in everything.

The three fabric layers will enhance abdominal compression making you look smaller with a few inches.

The lace at the foot has drop glue which will prevent the bodysuit to roll up.

  1. The backless thong bodysuit with deep décolletage

One of the best bodysuits you could have in your wardrobe, because is perfect for all those dresses and blouses with an open back and a big décolletage. The straps are adjustable and detachable so they can be worn in multiple ways. The abdomen area there is a double layer mesh which adds a strong compression making the tummy flat and the waist smaller.

  1. The open bust bodysuit with panties

This bodysuit is perfect if you don’t want a bust lift or you don’t need slimmer thighs. It will smooth out the fat around the waist, abdomen and the back and lift your butt, so that you will have perfect curves. And the adjustable straps will make you feel super comfortable!


  1. Enhance your waist with a waist trainer

If the bodysuits will smooth out your body, the waist and thigh trainer from Sculptshe will make you lose weight very fast, because it will add compression to your waist and thighs, making you lose excess water and burn calories faster. The adjustable straps will enable you to adjust the level of compression, so that you can always feel comfortable.


Now days is mandatory for women to own at least a waist trainer and a bodysuit and at Sculptshe you will find the best shapewear on the market!