Treat your dish with a perfect conditioned wine

Serve your beloved dish with a suitable wine that is being presented at the right moment, with the right temperature in style. That’s what it’s all about when having a dinner or enjoying a fine glass of wine during a dinner, party, event or even during business. 


Some simple wine serving rules

A white wine with a fruity, fresh and semi-dry taste is served cold at a temperature of 7-9 degrees. Champagne, rosé and sparkling wines can be stored and served warmer, the ideal temperature being around 8-10 degrees. A simple fruity red wine can be served cooler (12-14 degrees) than a solid red Bordeaux which can be served between 16 – 18 degrees. A simple prosecco is served cooler approx. 7 degrees than a top champagne which gets served at 9 degrees.


How to live by these rules?

Nowadays, the average living room temperature will be somewhere around 21 degrees. You probably realise that this is not a pleasant serving temperature for most red wines! Especially not for wines that need to be served cooler. Providing proper cooling is therefore the advice. A wine cooler is the best suitable option to achieve the perfect conditioned wine. 


A wine cooler provides more


Temperature control

Wine asks for a certain temperature to age and stay in good condition. This temperature can’t be managed in a refrigerator as the fridge temperature is already set up for your food and other supplies. If you set it up for the perfect wine temperature, the wine will be happy but the food or other supplies stored in this fridge won’t. Storing your wine in a wine cooler keeps you from having to play hopscotch with the thermostat. Another advantage of a wine cooler is that it can be easily set for every specific temperature in just a second. Wine coolers with multiple zones are a must have. A dual zone wine cooler for example, can be set up for two temperature zones. This means that your wine cooler can control two temperatures in just one wine cooler. So you can store two different wines in just one device. 


The size of a wine bottle is quite bulky and therefore will take up some space. They roll back and forth. They clink and clank. If you’re not careful about taking the milk or eggs or something off the shelf you could knock a bottle out of the refrigerator and watch helplessly as it shatters on the floor. A wine cooler is special designed for storing a wine bottle horizontally, as it should with wine. Storing a wine bottle vertically will influence the wine quality. Wine coolers exist out of special shelves that will keep the bottle stable. It will become easy to place a bottle or remove it from the cooler. These shelves can be made from different materials. Wood is the best material as it doesn’t damage the bottle or label and it looks fancy. If you would like to store large bottles you can easily remove a shelf to obtain more space inside the cooler. 


Wine coolers are easy to move

Wine coolers are less big and easy to move. It can move around the house very easily, can be stored very easily and even bring with you anywhere you would like. Serve a wine with a perfect temperature at home, a party somewhere else or even during a walk or picnic. 


Wine coolers are not particularly complex and they don’t have a lot of mechanical or

electrical parts, like a fridge or other cooling devices. This means that you aren’t

going to have to spend a lot of time maintaining it or worrying about whether or not they will break down.


There are a lot of more options available when choosing a wine cooler. Built-in, under counter wine cooler or just a stand-alone device. Rest assured that a wine cooler is energy efficient, whisper quiet and designed to serve the best wine for everyone who loves to drink an excellent wine.