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Top Amazon Seller Refund Services in 2018


As a seller, Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) service can be an extremely useful tool to reach more customers and grow your business. While it’s great to have the convenience of Amazon storing, picking, packing and shipping your products for you, mistakes can happen, and they can cost you (even if they are not your fault!). Fortunately, Amazon’s mistakes don’t have to be counted as the cost of doing business, and we are going to take a look how the top Amazon seller refund services in 2018 can help you.


  1. AMZReimburse.com

AMZReimburse is by far our favorite. The process of reporting and claiming for lost or damaged inventory can often be frustrating and time-consuming. AMZReimburse was created to help sellers claim back the thousands of dollars potentially owed to them per Amazon’s Policies.

AMZReimburse.com allocates a Personal Refund Manager to every case, ensuring manual correspondence with Amazon that makes sure you’ll get back every cent Amazon owes you.

They’re 100% compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service and offer pricing without any hidden fees. They only take a 15% cut of your refund in payment, and you only pay them once they’ve succeeded in getting your money back.



  1. Sellerbench.com

Sellerbench.com is a comprehensive refund service that continually monitors your selling account and files your refunds as and when you’re owed them.

You’ll be assigned a dedicated case manager so you can focus on running your business while they do all the work for you. Efficiency is what makes Sellerbench.com great – you will see your first claim filed in less than 48 hours and your case manager will monitor your account every single weekday.

Sellerbench.com only takes a 25% cut of the refund with no upfront costs involved and they only get paid when you do.


  1. Refundsmanager.com

Refundsmanager.com is definitely in the running for the top Amazon seller refund service in 2018. Their professional account auditors protect your hard-earned profits by monitoring every one of your cases from start to finish.

Refundsmanager.com charges 25% commission, but only on refunds for which they were directly responsible. For this reason, they give Amazon FBA reimbursements their usual 45-day timespan before filing, so you don’t end up paying them for a service you wouldn’t have needed.


  1. Amzrefund.com

When it comes to the most affordable reimbursement company, Amzrefund.com can’t be beaten. However, they don’t file on your behalf – you must contact Amazon yourself to file the claim. This can be tricky when trying to rapidly expand your FBA business.


They currently charge a nominal 8% commission on successful refunds and only charge you for cases they’ve brought forward for you.  Amzrefund has recovered over $14 million for their clients to date.


  1. Fbaaudit.com

Much like the others, Fbaaudit.com will manage all of your refunds for a flat fee of 25%.However, they’re the only company that also offers a “Feedback Defender” service, automatically monitoring seller reviews and removing unfair feedback that could affect your business and your reputation.


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